February 12, 2013 week 2 “what language was that?”

Hey fam bam/ others that I love!Nametag

So Michael McKhann  is going to Scotland speaking mandarin Chinese??? Wow. Did not see that one coming. But it’s crazy the amount of people I’ve run into at the mtc that speak all these weird languages. The other day an Elder said that the mtc is like the tower of Babel because no one can communicate with each other. It’s too true. Speaking of running into people at the mtc, I’ve run into Jessica Noelle Jones a few times since being here, and some old roommates and friends too. And family! There is an Elder Hunsaker here going to Mexico that I met the other day, and there is another blonde Sister Hunsaker here that is going to Korea. Both of them trace their heritage back to Abraham Hunsaker. How awesome is that?

District Missionaries
The mtc just gets  better the longer you’re here, I promise. The Japanese is slowly but surely coming along. We just got a huge influx of missionaries the other day, so now we have a bunch  of German speaking missionaries across the hall from us. Some of them are going to the Alpine mission. You’ll have to tell Gentry Phillips that when he gets here there’s a pretty good chance he’ll have class right next to me. Anyways, the other day I was talking to some of the German sisters and they told me that whenever they freak about because of the language or get overwhelmed, they just walk by/talk to the Japanese sisters, and say at least we aren’t  them. Not quite sure how to take that one. But, I know I’m supposed to be in Japan. So now I just have to work hard. I’m not sure if I told you in my last email about Karen, our investigator. The last lesson we had with her she accepted the invitation for baptism. 🙂 Proudest missionary moment yet. And the next day we were sitting in class and she walked in. We all knew she was a teacher at the mtc, but we had no clue that after we all taught her for a week that she was going to be OUR teacher. Her name is Sister Clark, and she served her mission in Nagoya. She’s the sweetest. So now we have two investigators, Shimada Yuki, and Nagashimada Hitomi. Both portrayed by our sensei. It’ll be interesting teaching them. Companions

Practicing for Japan literally is sweat, tears and in my case bruises. The language is a lot better, but this week we started working on sitting “seiza” which is how the Japanese people sit on their knees. At first it felt like I was going to dislocate my ankle, then you lose all feeling in your feet and legs, so when you finally get up, you hobble around for a good little while. And the other day I realized my ankles/feet are a little bruised from sitting on them. But, it’s getting easier every time we do it. Hopefully it wont be painful anymore.

hmmm what else…

I’m pretty much recovered from the plague. Just some sniffles now. We get to go to the temple on Tuesdays so that’s always fun 🙂 Awkward moment of the day actually. We were at the temple this morning in a session and they needed more people for the prayer. A very nice returned missionary got out of his seat and asked if he could “escort me” . I had to tell him I was a missionary. After which he said oh. okay, and some old lady took pity and went with him. I don’t normally blush but I’m pretty sure I was bright red. And all the elders from my district were practically falling out of their seats because they were trying so hard not to laugh.

I got all your letters! It was great to hear from everyone 🙂 It was kind of funny because I literally wrote everyone letters probably the day before and sent them, and then I got yours. Funny how that works. Thanks for Joe’s address, I’ll be sure to send a letter his way.

I love hearing from you all, and letters are like Christmas, so keep them coming! Please 🙂

Also, I joined the mtc choir. It’s pretty fun, and you get awesome seats for Tuesday night devotionals. All the missionaries are hoping that the prophet comes to speak to us soon because the age change has had such big effect on the mtc. Tell everyone I miss them. And tell Taylor and Carter I loved their very interesting letters. And Lacey that I love her.

Iesu Kirisuto wa watashi no Sukuinushi desu. Kono kyokai wa shinjitsu da to shitte masu. Morumon Sho wa Kamisama no kotoba desu. Watashi wa kazoku ai shite masu.

Ai shite masu,

Sister Hunsaker

P.S. if I don’t get a chance to write you all, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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