February 26, 2013 Week 4- the Refiner’s Fire

Companionshappy p day everyone πŸ™‚
This week was definitely a roller coaster ride at the MTC. Hence the title to my email.
I’ll tell you all about my awesome investigators first. Our teacher Brother Brinley dropped the bomb on us last week that we aren’t allowed to take in our Japanese books anymore to our lessons. Which means a lot of thinking on your feet, and thinking how to say the sentences without writing them out. That being said, the first lesson we had without notes was a little hard at first, but I found that when our investigator asked a question about sin and repentance, I could answer it without notes. surprisingly my grammar wasn’t too bad either. But my favorite part about that lesson was bearing testimony of prayer at the end. Everything I said was unrehearsed and from the heart, and I know our investigator felt it. (Corinthians 2:4 all the way) Shimada san is still committed to baptism, and he went to church with his son on Sunday πŸ™‚ we have a lesson with him tomorrow. We had an amazing break through with Hitomi san. She said she felt like God was answering her prayers because her husband asked her if she wanted to go to church on Sunday. That lesson we taught her a little bit about baptism and repentance. She attended church on Sunday and agreed to be baptized on the same day as Shimada, March 2. (side note, both investigators are our teachers here portraying real people that they met while on their mission in Japan.)
I’m glad you got that picture mom! We had TRC on Saturday, which is definitely my favorite part of the week. It’s where members/real investigators volunteer at the MTC for the missionaries to teach them. This week we taught an RM from Fukouka, and the Watanabe Family.They were both such sweet people.
The language is hard, and our teachers have reverted to only speaking in Japanese (for the most part) and I think all of us can feel it. It’s hard to imagine why you have been called to Japan when you don’t understand class, or when a lesson goes wrong, but when you feel the Spirit testify through you, it’s amazing. I’ve already had experiences here where I started saying something to an investigator, and didn’t even know what I said until after I had finished speaking. The Lord really does answer prayers.
Crazy news. This week the church created 58 new missions (i think), bringing the grand total to 405 missions world-wide. That being said, some of these new missions came from old ones being divided, dissolved and reformed entirely. The Tokyo mission was one of them. In July (ish) there will be the Tokyo North mission (which will include part of the currently Sendai mission), and the Tokyo South mission. None of us have any clue whats going to happen when we get out there. Chances are we will be in Japan for a bit before the change happens, and then we will be reassigned to either the North or South mission. It’s a little crazy to think about. Our district was a little upset about it, just thinking that we could all end up in different missions entirely. It’s funny how close we’ve gotten in just 4 weeks.
Whats even weirder to think about is that we will be the head missionaries for the Japanese branch in 13 days. Our “senpai” leave for Japan in 2 weeks, and we’ll be in charge after them. I don’t feel like I’ve been here nearly long enough for that. But at the same time, I do. Days seem like forever, and then before you know it the week is over.
Tuesday and Saturday are my favorite days of the week so far. Tuesday because its p day, and saturday because we get to have TRC.
Congrats on your pageant Lace! I’m so proud of you πŸ™‚ I made everyone look at the pictures that mom sent. Also, you look to grown up. Stop it. not allowed. And I’m sure Carter is definitely going to be taller than me in a year.
OH! I almost forgot. The kids will appreciate this one. So the Japanese have a lot of onomatopoeias that they like to use in sentences. Like “peko peko” is the sound your stomach makes when you are hungry, and “waku waku” is what you say when your excited because your heart is beating fast. So get this. The sound for something that SPARKles is “pika pika” and the sounds that a mouse makes is “chu chu” hence, the pokemon pikachu literally translates to “sparkly mouse”. That definitely made my day when our teacher told us.
I bought a card reader at the Bookstore the other day, so if I get the time when I’m doing laundry I should be able to send some pictures. Sister Reusser has this little red and white sock monkey that we have been putting in all our pictures almost like a where’s waldo type thing. Keep an eye out for him. We are also taking suggestions for a sweet Japanese name for him, since he is still nameless.
This Sunday Sister Harding and I get to teach the Sunday school lesson on having faith in Christ. Which I’m pretty pumped about, since faith is one of my favorite things to talk about πŸ™‚
We also made a paper chain in our residence for how many days until we take off to Japan. (assuming that we all get our visas in time) If everything goes according to plan, we have 34 days left in the MTC. Sometimes it feels like I haven’t been here long at all, and other times it feels like EONS. Especially when the missionaries across the hall that got here two weeks after us are already gone. Go figure.
But other than that, everything is swell πŸ™‚ I’m no longer diseased, haha. Tell Serena congrats on her mission call! That’s awesome πŸ™‚ and tell the kids that I wrote them letters so they all better write me back !
Sister Hunsaker

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