March 5,2013 Week 5 -The best week ever

konnichi wa mina-san!

This week has pretty much been spectacular. It definitely makes up for the last week.

So last p-day the speaker we had at our fireside was M. Russell Ballard. How awesome is that? As soon as he walked in the room everyone shot out of their chairs. You could feel the power and Spirit that he brought just with his presence. My favorite part of his talk was when he addressed the missionaries and said, “You are a miracle”. the more I thought about it, the more it resonated with me. This church is based on miracles isnt it? The Savior performed miracles when he came to this world and established his gospel. It was restored to us once more through Joseph Smith and the miracle of his faith and the first vision. And now we have so many missionaries rushing in to the field to share the gospel with others. Through faith I can already see so many miracles coming my way 🙂

Wednesday was incredibly long. Sister Harding is sick, so we were in the residence until about 4:30. But all in all, I think the studying I got done there really helped. I finished the Book of Mormon, and found this awesome scripture in Corinthians about walking by faith, and not by sight. I think it made me realize that even when I cant be in the classroom I can receive revelation for myself as well.

Thursday was hectic. Sister Harding had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and then…. drum roll please. We got to leave the MTC. I was in the REAL WORLD. not quite as exciting as I thought it would be. Wednesday night during lunch the glue on the end of my permanent retainer got unbonded and was sticking out, so we got to go to an orthodontists office to get it fixed up. No worries Mom and Dad, its all good now.

Friday marked our halfway point through the mtc……. and that’s pretty much all I can remember from that day. They all kind of just blur together after a while.

Saturday we had TRC once more. Which is always fun. I talked to Sister Watanabe again and she said she had fun talking to mom after she sent that picture. Today we also started teaching people in our class as investigators. Sister Harding and I taught Nick (Elder Buxton), Ezra (Elder Nakayama), and Jason (Elder Robb). It was a little hard to teach them all at once since they were so different from each other, but it was still fun to get to teach some other people as well. When you take on the role of an investigator in the MTC you are supposed to pretend to be someone you know really well. Either a convert friend, or someone that you know needs the gospel. Anytime I’ve been taught as an investigator I’ve been Kelly. Hopefully she doesn’t mind. I guess it’s because she’s one person that I care so much about that hasn’t fully accepted the gospel yet. It’s amazing though to be able to see the lesson through the eyes on an investigator. It makes you realize what they might have worries or concerns about.

Our Sunday night fireside was given by the President of the Provo temple. Two things I really liked that he said were:
– “If you serve with all your heart, might, mind, and strength, It will be harder for you to come home than it was to leave for your mission” (can definitely see that one happening)
– “When we stagger and stumble, The Savior is there to steady and strengthen us.” So so so so so so SO true.
That night we also got to watch the Joseph Smith story in Japanese. I couldnt completely understand all of it, but the parts that I could were things like the first vision, and whenever someone testified of Christ. I think that watching that film in Japanese I felt the Spirit stronger than I ever have before. It was awesome. I think if I ever had a weak point of my testimony it was about Joseph Smith. But watching that, and teaching our investigators here about the first vision has transformed that part of my testimony to be one of its strongest I have.

On Monday the MTC tried to give all of my district a heart attack. In the middle of one of our lessons someone walked in and told us that we had to go to the departing missionary devotional. We kind of laughed and explained that we weren’t leaving for 4 weeks, but they said I know, lets go. So then rumors started floating around that we were going to be leaving 2 weeks earlier than previously thought, and so on and so forth. I’m pretty sure all of us were freaking out. Except for a few of the elders, who said they’d be perfectly fine with finishing learning the language in the MTC. Crazies. But anyways, the meeting was truly amazing. The main thing we focused on was how so many missionaries have preconceived expectations of Japan from what other people tell them. It’s going to be so hard. No one will get baptized, no one will listen. You’ll get the door slammed in your face. No one even believes in God. But all those expectations are man’s expectations, and if we want to be successful missionaries we need to focus on what Heavenly Father has in store for us. “through faith we can do all things which are expedient unto him”. Everyone in Japan at some point accepted Christ as their Savior. Our job as missionaries is just to get them to remember that. We have to trust God, get up, and go to work. Direction wont come until our feet are already moving. There were a few amazing quotes that were read during the meeting, all from Heber J. Grant when Japan was first opened for missionary service. (he was the general authority that went over and did it)
“I have an abiding faith that this is to become one of the most successful missions EVER established in the church. It is going to be slow work at first, but the harvest is to be something great and will astonish the world.”
one of the most successful missions. EVER. how amazing is that? I dont think a lot of people realize how much the Lord has promised to bless these people. In the Book of Mormon there are literally tons of promises stated towards these people. And I dont think I ever realized it until I started studying my scriptures here. The Savior specifically mentions his people on “The isles of the sea” (look it up) numerous times. One of my favorites was I think 2 nephi 10:21. perhaps.
the other quote I really liked was when the Japan Mission Home was dedicated. “There will someday be many church buildings, and even temples, built it this land”. The church buildings in Japan are huge. Like three stories high, with multiple bishops offices in them. They arent full yet, but the Lord is preparing for when this marvelous work begins soaring in Japan. Japan now has 2 temples, Tokyo and Fukuoka, with a third currently being constructed in Sapporo. All of the things that church leaders prophesied about are already coming true. I can’t wait to get to Japan and be there to witness firsthand how much the church is growing. There are already 3rd generation church members there, and in America the church really began to grow when its 3rd generayion of members stepped forward. AH! its so exciting.

Well, other than that, The mtc is fantastic. I love and miss everyone so much and love being able to hear from you in letters and emails. My family/friends are some of the biggest blessings that I have in this life.

Kono kyokai ga shinjitsu da to shitemasu. Josefu Sumisu ga Kamisama no shinjistu yogensha to akashi shimasu. Morumon Sho o yomeba, Iesu Kirisuto no fukuin ni tsuite akashi o ukeru koto ga dekimasu. Inori ni yotte, mina san ga Kamisama no ai o kanjiru koto ga dekiru to yakusoku shimasu. Kamisama wa watashitachi no inori o kotaemasu. Watashitachi tames ni Iesu Kirisuto o koro saremashita. Iesu Kirisuto no aganai ni yotte, watashitachi no tsumi o yurushi o ukemasu. Kono fuikin o ai shite masu. Kokoro kara mina san ai shite masu.


Sister Hunsaker
(Ichiban senkyoshi ne?) 🙂



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  1. Darlene Little
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 18:40:48

    You are such a wonderful Miracle… I see a theme here and it’s so sweet and uplifting, may you be ever so blessed to be ready to hit Japan running with the Gospel Truth and Converting “A Miracle” in it self ! xo’s


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