March 12, 2013 Week 6 New Challenges and Blessings

Hey Everyone!

This week has been… well interesting to say the least. If I was going to say that every week in the MTC was a chapter of my life, the title of this one would be “Living in the Chateau d’If”. Mostly because this last week I’ve spent about 7 hours a day of the time that I’m awake in the residence halls. 15 if you count when I’m sleeping. My companion has been sick so we have been keeping to ourselves.
This week I have really learned the importance of personal study. Both in the Japanese language and in the scriptures. This week I’ve been working on doctrine and covenants. I just finished Section 121 and 122. Joseph Smith’s account in the liberty jail. I know my situation right now isn’t nearly as destitute as his, but I feel like in some way, I really needed to learn that afflictions are for our own good, and that our Heavenly Father is truly with us every step of the way. Another thing I thought about was all the blessings you could get from your Heavenly Father both while you’re on your mission, and just in life in general.  But one thing you can’t ask for is more time. So you have to cherish every single moment you have. especially in the mtc. Anytime you slack off those minutes can really add up. It’s almost a scary thought.  But it just makes me want to work that much harder. It’s funny how I could already care so much for a people that I know nothing about.
Our district is now the dai senpai, which means we are currently the oldest Japanese missionaries at the MTC. How weird is that? 20 more days and I’ll be out of here and in Japan! eeep. I dont feel quite ready enough, but hopefully if I work really hard these last few weeks, I’ll be confident enough to get out there and share my testimony.  One of the elders that was supposed to leave this Monday dislocated his knee a week ago and actually tore his meniscus (I’m sure dad understands how it works). We thought he would just be here for a little longer, but his recovery time was longer than they thought it would be, so he was sent home yesterday to recover. If everything goes well, he will be reassigned to a mission in Utah for a little while when he comes back, and then he’ll get to go to Japan still. I bring this up because the one thing that he stressed that is until we have exact obedience, we won’t have blessings to benefit us in our mission. Exact obedience brings miracles. and I need all the help I can get haha.
But seriously, I love being a missionary. I wouldnt change it for the world. I know all the experiences that I’m having right now are just preparing me for something bigger that I’ll encounter in the mission field.
Sister Hunsaker
P.S. Another reason this one is so short is because I’m also talking to Mom back and forth through email at the moment. how cool is that! I can call you from the airport when I fly to Japan so I’ll get to talk to you all soon too. And impress you with my amazing Japanese. Maybe not amazing, but its getting there 🙂 ai shitemasu yo!

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  1. Darlene Little
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 18:34:28

    Love about the Exact Obedience


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