April 8, 2013 Week 9&10 Not in Kansas anymore, toto

ImageHey Family!
I survived the last week of the MTC, and the flight to Japan. The airplane food and immigration was a little rough, but somehow I made it. The night we arrived in Tokyo it was pouring rain. So much fun. And we were exhausted. But we got to meet our mission president, President Budge and his wife, Sister Budge, who are seriously amazing people.
The next day we had some training and got assigned to our areas with our companions.
drum roll please………
My first area is a place called Utsunomiya! Its about 2 hours north of Tokyo by train and pretty much as far out there as you can get. I wanted to go to the country, but I had no clue I  could end up this far. Our area comes up against the Sendai mission border. Utsumoniya is also the largest area in the mission, land wise, so we’ve already done lots of bike riding. And there is only one set of missionaries here. So as sisters, we have to take care of a lot of people. I actually have two companions. I think the Lord knew I needed all the help I could get!  Sister Vail is from Washington, and she is amazing. In my pictures she’s the one that looks Hawaiian. Sister Dolan is my other companion. She’s from Utah and amazing too! I can tell I’m going to learn so much from them already.
As you can tell from the pictures, Utsunomiya is seriously gorgeous. We are actually really close to one of the most famous places in Japan, and we are going to go there for a p day soon. Its called Nikko. Its the place where the samurais originated from. I’ll keep an eye out for a sword for you dad 🙂Image
What else what else?? OH! so I havent quite had a best 2 years experience here yet. I can definitely tell that the people here are speaking Japanese, and its the language that I learned in the MTC, that’s definitely a relief. They do talk pretty fast, but I can understand for the most part. Its just talking to them thats a little more diificult, especially non church terms. They don’t teach you those in the MTC at all.
I actually havent gotten to watch general conference yet. They broadcast it to Japan a week later, because they have to do all the translating first. So I’ll get to watch it next week. Luckily in English. Our little ward is amazing. There are around 60 members, but we are planning on expanding that more in the future. It’s hard because Utsunomiya is so big, and they only have one ward. The meeting house is sometimes more than an hour away from someones house. But they still come. Such troopers. And they stay ALL DAY. It definitely makes the ward feel like a family, which is nice. They are all so welcoming too. And they tell me my Japanese is great. Which is a confidence booster (but at the same time Japanese people are notorious for being too nice haha).
On to investigators!
We have a baptism this SUNDAY! ahhhhh so exciting 🙂 (oh ps tell Lacey happy birthday! and to stop growing up. k.) His name is Kentaro Fukuda. He wandered into one of our Wednesday night English classes and agreed to start taking the lessons from us. He’s been to church every Sunday since we started teaching him, and he stopped drinking coffee after we taught him the Word of Wisdom. He is seriously one of the most amazing people I have ever met. And always so happy and willing to change. We got to make potstickers with him the other night. Hes the one in the green jacket.
We also had the chance to go to this gorgeous park with the Nakayasu family. Brother Nakayasu is currently inactive. We’re trying to work with him so that he can get the priesthood and baptize his son Kevin, and then their family can go to the temple together. The kids are adorable. I have some pictures riding a four person bike with them.
Lastly is Irene (we have other investigators too… but my time is almost up). She’s engaged to a member, but wants to find out if the gospel is true for herself. She’s a pretty strong Catholic, so right now we’re working on teaching her about the importance of the Book of Mormon and how it can bless her life. I really think that I will be baptized this transfer. I can feel it. She can do it. And we’re going to help her.
Japan really is an amazing place. We’ve had 2 earthquakes already that just about scared the pants off of me, but other than that I love it. Anywhere you go the people are so willing to stop anything that they are doing and help you.
I love you all 🙂 and cant wait to hear from you soon. Stay awesome.
ai shite imasu yo
Sister Hunsaker

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  1. Connie
    Apr 09, 2013 @ 03:25:02

    What an amazing experience, thank you for your service.


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