April 29, 2013 week 13 kyudousha kiseki- there are miracles everywhere

hello everyone!

This week has been crazy. Ups, and downs, sideways and backwards, you name it.

So, as far as dendo goes, we usually teach a lesson or two a day with one of our investigators. Most of the time they are in Japanese, with a few exceptions to international people who can usually speak pretty good english. We do go streeting/housing a lot, which isn’t incredibly successful, but you always meet interesting people that way. This week we went to a house where the woman, Sayaka, rescues homeless cats and dogs. She has 13 cats and 6 dogs living in her home. When they were talking to us and we were eating lunch, the cats would just be walking across the table. I thought we were in a zoo. I had to pick a few cat hairs out of my tea before drinking it. yum. We also do this thing called kubari-kai, where we pass out flyers for our english class that we teach. Lots of fun. And people usually like talking to americans, or want to know why this little blonde girl is standing on a corner speaking Japanese. This week was one of my first times being on my own doing that, and I’ll admit that I was scared out of my mind. But, I got to talk to some people on my own, in Japanese. I couldn’t quite understand everything, but I could respond, so that’s definitely a start 🙂 We teach english class once a week on Wednesday night from 7 to 8:30. Its a great way to meet investigators, and all our students are so sweet.

Our ward is the best. They had a surprise party for me on my birthday. All such sweet people 🙂 It was actually Kentaroh, our newest convert, that put it all together. (I think he actually sent me a friend request on Facebook mom, if you’re managing that at all.) and they showered me with cute little Japanese presents. gotta love them. And I got your package mom! Thanks a ton. I’m sending some stuff your way for mothers day tomorrow. Hopefully you get it soon 🙂

Investigator wise, things have really just taken off. We had 3 progressing investigators at church with us on Sunday, and everyone in the ward has been telling us what a good job we have been doing lately. We actually got 2 referrals from members this past week. One of them is a family 🙂 It just goes to show how much more the members trust the missionaries when we work hard and give it everything we’ve got.
Two of our investigators have a baptismal date! Liu-chan and Cho-san, our friends from China. They both have such amazing faith, and we love teaching them. They are scheduled to be baptized on May 19th. Hopefully we can make it there with them 🙂
One of our new investigators is Hayakawa-san. He’s this adorable 60 year old man that wandered into the church building last sunday. He’s been to church twice now, and he’s been coming to our eikaiwa class. We just taught him the restoration and asked him to pray about being baptized and this church. He accepted, and he said that when he knows its true, he’ll be baptized. We have another lesson with him tomorrow. Hopefully things go smoothly!
One last investigator to brag about is Richard. We met him on Wednesday, and then he came to church on Wednesday and we taught him the restoration. At the end of us bearing our testimonies and teaching him he said that he felt so happy that he wanted to cry. We can already see his desire to learn and to want to know if its true. This week he is also praying about this church. He told us that when he gets an answer he wants to be baptized 🙂 we have another appointment with him on Wednesday. Meeting Richard has really shown me how the Lord prepares people to hear your message, and humbles them in ways that make them ready to let the Lord into their life.
Its actually kind of funny that right now most of our investigators are men. But, since there arent any elders in utsunomiya, we get to teach them. Its a little taihen because we have to have a woman joint for all of our lessons, but member lessons are really the greatest way to teach people.

One of my favorite things that I have seen here in Japan is prayer. It’s a little hard to explain with words, but a lot of people in Japan have never prayed to God. Some of them pray to ancestors, others to various wind or element gods, or some have never prayed at all. The feeling that comes into the room when an investigator prays for the first time is something beyond description. You can tell how glad Heavenly Father is that one of his children that he hasnt heard from since they left his presence is finally reaching out to him, and asking for his help, or praying to know if he is there. It’s truly a blessing.

well, this p day has been incredibly crazy, so i dont have too much time, but i promise to send pictures next time! Love you all 🙂 stay healthy, stay happy, and keep writing!

Sister Hunsaker

P.S. Minor food insert. I have found a Japanese food I detest. Its called anko. Its like this sweet paste made from mashed up little brown beans. Usually served cold. It can be on top of mochi, or inside bread. that type of thing. I think its the texture/taste that i just cant do. its gross. That being said, I’ve probably been fed it 2-3 times since I’ve been here. Naturally. BUT! There is also this awesome food called okonomiyaki that I LOVE. its like a vegetable pancake. eggs, flour, cabbage, carrots, sometimes seafood is in there too. its super yummy.

P.P.S. Whenever I show people my picture book, they think Mom is my sister. You should see their faces. Quite in shock. They all say wakai!!!! and then tell us how beautiful our family is. Thats one funny thing about Japanese people. They are incredibly open with their feelings. They’ll tell you on the street that your pretty or ask you where you’re from. Probably because we’re out in the inaka. I’m sure its different in Tokyo.


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  1. Mellissa hafer
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 21:23:35

    Awesome missionary blog! I love hearing it all. So great. Sounds like you are just really having a great time and really falling in love with the Japanese people. Keep the great info coming!


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