May 5, 2013 week 14 Miracle in the Making

Good morning!

Tsugi, Mother’s Day is fast approaching. (hopefully you get my package mom) but, we are allowed to call/skype our families from Sunday the 12th until Tuesday the 14th. so we should probably coordinate that soon. I can check my email in my downtime, so just get back to me soon on that. I think the best time would be between the hours of 7am-12pm here for me. I’m not sure what that translates to over there, sorry!
Mom is going to have to call our cell phone if we want to call or we could try skype and phone, so I can see everyone. The internet connection is a little jumpy, so if its just skype, we might drop the call a few times.

And on to the week!

So last p day we went to Oizumi, aka little Brazil. Tons of fun, but they pretty much only speak portuguese. Some speak spanish too, so I understood a little bit, but at this point I think the japanese is stronger than the spanish. Definitely a funny thought. Anyways, we got to hang out with some of the missionaries and their investigators and had a picnic at this park and played soccer and got schooled by the brazilians. No surprise there I guess. But it was tons of fun! I probably wont be able to send pictures again this email because we’re kind of in a rush, but next week I promise! Today we’re going to this awesome zoo/animal kingdom up in Nasu with one of our investigators today, which should be fun. And tomorrow we get to go to the temple! All the missionaries in the Tokyo mission get to go to the temple once a transfer, and everyone gets to catch up and chat with people they knew from the mtc/other areas. They told us to treasure the temple as much as we can because when the mission splits, the south mission won’t have the chance to go the temple anymore.

We had 4 investigators at church yesterday πŸ™‚
Richard, Aki-chan, Hayakawa-san, and Yamazaki-san. We’re a little worried about our two investigators with a baptismal date, Ryu (woman) and Cho. They haven’t been to church yet. At this point, Cho won’t be able to be baptized until the 26th, but if Ryu (woman) makes it to church this week and next week she could do it.
We also have another investigator with a date! This week we had the chance to teach Hayakawa-san the plan of salvation and the word of wisdom. He accepted the invitation to be baptized on May 19th as well. But, that being said, he’s struggling with sake and the word of wisdom a little. Hopefully he’ll be able to break that habit soon. Richard Β is actually really close to accepting a baptismal date. He’s so humble and ready for the gospel. The first time we taught him he said it made him so happy that he wanted to cry. kinjin right there. We met Aki-chan this week when we were riding our bikes. Both her parents just passed away, so she has to take care of her handicapped brother by herself, and she was just diagnosed with some kind of colon disease. She could really use the gospel. We gave her a book of mormon when we met her, and when she came to church she told us that she had been reading it everyday because it made her feel so peaceful. It definitely strengthened my testimony of scripture study. Yamazaki-san is what you might call an eternal investigator. He could get baptized if he just stopped drinking tea. The sisters stopped teaching him right before I got here, but this week at church he invited us over to his house to have dinner with his wife and daughter. Maybe there’s a miracle in the making there.

This week was also my first time doing exchanges! Sister Vail and I got to travel down to this place called Abiko. its GORGEOUS. I’ll make sure to send pictures next time. When we were there, we had the chance to give a church tour to an eikaiwa student and teach her lesson 3. I think the thing I liked most about Abiko was the fact that they had other missionaries there. In Utsunomiya (the biggest area in the whole mission) there’s just us 3 sisters. But in Abiko they have 4 elders and 2 sisters. It was so much fun to be able to work with elders on the mission. I think when there’s more of you it really pushes you to work harder. But, that being said, most of our investigators at the moment are men, so if we got elders here we would have to give them up. So I’ll suck it up for now πŸ™‚

The companionship is great but when someone is being kind of difficult, there’s no spirit, and when you don’t have that, its hard to be cheerful and chipper and it’s downright impossible to teach with the spirit, but the Lord knows what we need in order to be successful!

This week, looking back on the Japanese language, I think I’ve come to realize how much I’ve learned. I can talk to people on the trains now, even if its a little slow and scattered, I talk about investigators in DCS (ward council) every week, and I can teach a lesson from the heart, without practicing it through for an hour. The language is far from perfect, and I still dont understand a lot, but its humbling to see how much Heavenly Father has already helped me to learn this language so that I can teach this people. its only for them. not for me.

Well, much love, and I’ll talk to you soon!

love, sister hunsaker πŸ™‚

p.s. fun fact of the day, the church in Japan interprets the word of wisdom to mean that Coca Cola and other caffeine sodas are against it. so we have to teach that too when we teach the word of wisdom. which makes it a little harder, but if anyone can do it, its the japanese people.
p.p.s. tell grandma and grandpa hunsaker thank you for the birthday card πŸ™‚ and grandma and grandpa aston thanks for the beautiful journal, my other one is just about full.


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