May 14, 2013 week 16 Penguins and bunnies and dogs…oh my?

Things are going swell on the asian side of the pond. On Monday we went to the strangest “zoo” that I have ever been too. It was literally like cats and dogs and bunnies. You could even rent the dogs to take them on walks around the zoo. The most interesting animals there were probably a lesser panda, and the capybara. it was definitely a funny experience.
Tuesday I got to go to Shibuya. I there encountered one of the biggest cross walks in the world. Like millions to billions of people cross it everyday. I think its called the scramble crossing or something like that. Anyways, that being said, I think I saw more people in Shibuya in 15 minutes than I did for 6 weeks living in Utsunomiya. funny how that works. We went to Shibuya so that we could go to the temple the next day. Every six weeks, every missionary in the Tokyo mission has the chance to go to the temple together. Its a really cool experience. And the Tokyo temple is GORGEOUS. its kind of built upward, like most of the buildings here in Japan. And it has some amazing stained glass windows. It’s a little hard to get a good picture of the outside because its in the middle of the city, but if you google it im sure you could find a good one.
When we had district meeting this week, me and my companions shared a little bit about how we go about doing our work here in Utsunomiya, and bear our testimonies on it. The district leader asked us to do this because Utsunomiya is currently leading our little district in the work right now, and its almost the top of the zone. Its honestly crazy to think about how many miracles we have seen here. For example, on Sunday we had 5 investigators come to our ward on Sunday, and this next week we’re planning for even more. How great is that? ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m actually speaking in church this Sunday. In Japanese. Wish me luck.
saturday we had transfer calls… dum dum dum. I’m happy to say that I’m staying here in Utsunomiya ๐Ÿ™‚ Sister Vail and I are still going to be companions for the next 6 weeks. I’m so excited to be able to get to work with her. She is such an amazing missionary. She makes me want to be a better missionary and a better person. Sister Dolan is transferring to Kanagawa, where she’ll be training Sister Harding, my MTC companion. funny right? such a small world. even in Japan.

This week we also had the chance to teach the Yamazaki family a little bit, and we decided to focus on Christ for the message. I am so glad that we did. You could really tell in Brother Yamazaki’s face after the video (we watched the Lamb of God) that he was touched by the Savior’s sacrifice and the atonement. We’re still trying to figure out exactly what to teach him next, but the most important thing now is that he’s willing to listen and feel the Spirit.

I think Sunday in itself was a miracle. We had 5 investigators at church! You could tell how impressed the ward members were with how hard the missionaries are working. One of our investigators that came was Irene. We actually hadn’t seen her in an incredibly long time. On Saturday night, after we had talked about a few of our investigators, I had a really strong impression that we still needed to focus on Irene. I remember praying for her to come to church so she could be with us and feel that Spirit. Irene and her boyfriend Jonathan walked into the church building about halfway through the Gospel Principles class. I think that may have been one of the most visual answers to a prayer that I have ever had.

I read a talk this week called, “You Know Enough”, by Elder Neil L. Anderson. It was really amazing, and I think something that I needed to hear. The underlying message of it was that we dont know everything, but in the end, we know enough. Even just knowing that our Heavenly Father loves us is enough to get us through the hardest times, and just having a testimony of that love can give you the power the proselyte in the mission field. I really thought that was neat.

Today was a wonderful p day as well. Sister Vail and I go running every morning and if you run like 5 minutes away from our house and the city, you can see all the traditional places in Japan. It’s almost like exploring. today we came across this really cool old shrine that we checked out for a bit.

well, not much time again today, but I sent some pictures this time! love you all!

sister hunsaker

p.s. it was great to see everyone on mothers day! I cant wait to see how different you all look by Christmas!
p.p.s. I’m glad I have the Japanese accent apparently. It’s better than having a spanish accent and speaking japanese right?





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