June 24, 2013 week 22″ that’s not the language they taught me in the MTC…”

To quote possibly the most beloved missionary movie of all time, the Best Two Years. Because, it is actually legitimately TRUE.

I have alot to catch you all up on, but I guess the most important thing is transfers!

I have been transferred out of Utsunomiya. I definitely didnt see that one coming. However, I am not training. And I’m incredibly glad on that part because I have been called to work in OIZUMI.
I know I’ve talked about Oizumi here before, but I’ll just explain it a little more. So, the purpose of the Oizumi area is to take care of the Latin American population that is living in Japan. Everything about the missionary work here is focused towards them. Our hours are even different. We wake up at 7, and can be in our apartments at 10 o clock. (Because they usually all work really late). Oizumi currently has 4 missionaries. 3 brazilians, and me, possibly the most american looking person you could possibly send here. The reason all the missionaries here are brazilians is because the main language spoken here is PORTUGUESE. yeah. wow. so needless to say my first day here, it felt like I was in another country. Everything here looks like Brazil. The people, the shops, the culture. All wrapped up inside Japan. We actually speak 4 languages in Oizumi. In order of most common to least, its: portuguese, spanish, japanese, english. So, for language study everyday im studying something different. But, the spanish is hiding back there somewhere, so hopefully it will come back to the front fast.
However I’m not worried about losing Japanese because my companion is amazing! Her name is Sister Silva. She was born in Brazil, but moved to Japan when she was young, and grew up in Nagoya. So, her native language is Portuguese, then Japanese. And she knows a little english. She’s great. We speak mostly Japanese, but she wants to learn English better too, so sometimes we speak in English. This is actually her last transfer as a missionary, and I’m the only sister in the mission that studied Spanish, so if we want to keep Oizumi open for sisters, I’m going to have to study fast.
But, I already love Oizumi! Its great. I’ve talked to a few people in the scarce spanish I can remember, but I always end up throwing Japanese words in there. Gotta love the human brain. I’ll get them all straight soon enough. But prayers and tips for learning 3 languages would be much appreciated.
Since I was called to Oizumi, I will be staying in the Tokyo Mission. (Not moving South). So President Budge is still my mission president. that part im glad about.

So now that I’ve filled you in about Oizumi… I can tell you how my last week in Utsunomiya went. I think it was my favorite week of the mission yet.

On Saturday we went to Kentaroh’s house and got to meet his mom and the rest of his family. They’re all Buddhist, but the mom is incredibly open minded, and we actually ended up teaching her the plan of salvation, and Kentaroh acted as the member present. It was great. I really think she felt the Spirit strongly. After the lesson, we got to do some volunteer work. Kentaroh’s family actually owns a blueberry farm! It was pouring rain, but we went out in our kappa (rain gear) and picked some blueberries with them 🙂 lots of fun. and the blueberries were delicious of course.

Sunday was a day of miracles.
first, Irene , one of our investigators, came to church for the second week in a row. We talked to her really quickly after sacrament meeting and she said that her and Jonathan (member fiance) had been talking this week, and she decided that she wants to be baptized. I’m surprised I didnt pass out on the spot. I. has been an investigator for a while now, and we could never even get her close to baptism. The thing that changed it all though, was that she actually started reading the Book of Mormon. She said that when she was reading it, she just knew it was true. I’m sad I wont be there to see her get baptized, but I know that her and J. will be able to be a forever family.
We also had an amazing lesson with one of our other investigators, Yamazaki Kyoudai. He’s a tricky one as well. We sat down and taught him a little bit about the plan of salvation, and then about the Word of Wisdom. We know he has a problem with tea and tobacco. However, at the end of the lesson, he sid he would try out the Word of Wisdom and see how it went. His prayer at the end of the lesson was also amazing. His prayers are always great, but he has a hard time asking for things. He never wants to ask God to help him with anything. But, this week, we challenged him to put an o-negai (ummm its like asking for something) into his prayer. It was a little hard for him, but he managed to ask God to help him live the Word of Wisdom. He is so close to being baptized. We can feel it.
But, my favorite part of Sunday happened after church. During sacrament meeting, Brother Nakayasu was sustained as an Aaronic Priesthood holder. This Sunday was Kevin Nakayasu’s baptism. And his dad was the one who got to baptize him! The baptism service was amazing. The Primary kids all got up and sang that Primary song that says, “I like to look for rainbows, whenever there is rain…”. The spirit that came from it was something so special. After the talks, we went down to the font and Kevin and Brother Nakayasu went inside. Brother Nakayasu was incredibly nervous, but he managed to get every word right, and Kevin all the way under the water on the first try. As soon as they went to go change, Sister Nakayasu turned around and gave us a big hug. She is so happy to see her family becoming an eternal one. I’m sad to be leaving them in Utsunomiya, but Oizumi is close, and Sister Nakayasu loves to chat with the other brazilians, so i’m sure I will be seeing them again soon.

Well, I cant quite to figure out more about the strange place they’ve shipped me off to, but I’ll be sure to update you with everything next week. The languages, the people, and everything in between. I love you! Wish me luck.


Sister Hunsaker





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