September 23, 2013 week 35 I love my life

Oi gente 🙂

I’m glad everyone seems to be having an awesome week. This week was the first week to the new transfer, and it was awesome! If its an indicator of what this transfer is going to be like, then I’m stoked.

The weather in Oizumi lately has cooled down a lot, and the rain has finally ceased, so Sister Carrasco and I have been going by foot a lot more lately. Which consequently is more convenient for us with skirts, and we meet a lot more people that way. On Tuesday we had Music Night as usual, and we got to talk to my favorite little girl ever, Gabi. She is now a pro at “I am a Child of God” on the piano, and now we’re teaching her “Families can be Together Forever” She loves singing and playing the piano, and it always gets me to hear her cute little voice singing “神の子です”. She’s going to be baptized someday. The Elders have actually been talking to her dad lately, so hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Wednesday was awesome, and a reminder of why working in Oizumi can be really hard sometimes. First, we had a lesson with Giani, our Peruvian friend. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation. We talked to her about how she felt about the things we had taught her so far, and she said they felt like they are all true. Awesome right? That’s when we invited her to be baptized when she got an answer that this was the true church. And…. she said yes, but then asked a question that I pretty much dread hearing here in Oizumi. “But, I was already baptized. So why do I need to do it again? Doesn’t my baptism count?” Yikes! The last thing you want to do to people is tell them that their baptism wasn’t valid, or that the decision they made to be baptized while they were acting on faith was wrong. So… we talked a little more about the priesthood, and the restoration, and how we need to be baptized by the proper authority. We invited her to pray again, and we’re excited to visit her again next week and see how she is doing.
Later that night, we also got to visit the Mercado family! We haven’t seen them in forever. They are Philippino, and were baptized in the Oizumi ward in March, but unfortunately haven’t been to church since I’ve been serving here :(. But, we went to visit them and share a message, and it was really good. We talked mostly to CK the daughter. She’s 11, and has an amazing testimony. We asked her how she felt about her baptism, and she told us that she felt like a new person, and that she felt so much love from Heavenly Father and Christ. Afterwards we talked to her Mom, Rhoda as well, and she told us that they would try to come to church this Sunday, and she asked us to keep visiting her kids, because she works a lot, and doesn’t have as much time with them as she would like.

On Friday… we knocked on lots of doors. And talked to lots of people. We gave away 6 copies of the Book of Mormon this week as well. 2 in Portugues, 2 in Espanol, and 2 in Japanese. One door we knocked on was a guy from Peru named Miguel. He said he knew about our church because he had a lot of friends that were members in Peru, and they always invited him to come play soccer with them. He told us that he had been curious about the church too, but they never invited him to come to church as well. Wow. I think that was a wake up call for me as well. You never know who might be interested in the gospel. That’s why you invite everyone to have the chance to listen 🙂 Anyways, we talked to him about the restoration, and he was definitely sniffling during it. We have to pass him to the elders for teaching purposes, but he seems like he has a lot of potential! On Friday we went to visit a less-active named Vanilda as well. She’s hilarious and LOVES to talk. In very fast Portuguese. Therefore, we didn’t completely understand everything that was going on. So we laughed where appropriate and nodded our heads understandingly at others. But we got the gist of what she was saying, so its all good.

Saturday we got to visit the Noguti family (Bruna’s family)! We were hoping that the mom would be home as well, so we could try and talk to her, but she was busy doing other things and wouldn’t talk. So we taught a lesson to Bruna, Duda, and Kamilla. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation, since they have a new baby brother, and really focused on eternal families. My favorite part was at the end, when Kamilla said she wanted to say the prayer, but didn’t know how (She’s 5). So, she sat next to me, and I would whisper something really quiet, and then she would say it louder. I love all those girls so much. Bruna is an amazing example to all of them, even when I know its hard for her sometimes. We’re going back again on Wednesday, so hopefully we can talk to their mom then.

I learned so many amazing things this week too… they’re not entirely related, so forgive me if its a little scrambled.

1. I was reading the Book of Mormon in Portuguese for language study and read this: 10 E aconteceu que vi uma árvore cujo fruto era desejável para fazer uma pessoa feliz. (1 nephi 8:10) I don’t know why it took reading it in portuguese to love the scripture so much, but it really just dawned on me that this gospel is exactly what people need to be happy 🙂 Everyday there’s always something small that makes me smile and helps other people as well, and its truly the gospel. There’s a reason why missionaries are so smiley all the time, they have the best job in the world! They get to make people happy.
2. I started reading “Faith of our Fathers” its a book about the history of the church. There’s a sentence in there that says, “There are pages of history yet to be written”. Of course they were referring to the history of the church, but think about what that means when we apply it to ourselves. We have so much ahead of us, and we get to choose what kind of story we will have, and what we will leave behind for others to remember about us. It just makes me want to work that much harder, to be able to look back with no regrets, and know that my mission was the best story it could have ever been.
3. Last was from a talk someone gave on Sunday. He said, “Sometimes when we look in the mirror and see the person looking back at us, we dont really like them, or we hate what we see. But, everytime that Jesus Christ looks at us, all he does is love us”. Because the Lord seeth not as man seeth, for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart. ( I think that’s scripture mastery in Samuel for you seminary kiddos) And its so true! Christ and Heavenly Father will always love us! And thats something that I have felt so strongly here in Oizumi. The people here have a unique ability to just love everyone they come into contact with. They are amazing, and such an example to me of what it means to have that Christlike love.

Until next week! Stay safe, eat healthy, and don’t talk to strangers! (Unless sharing the gospel, then its okay 😉 )

Sister Hunsaker



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