October 20, 2013 week 39 Heavenly Help

bom dia!

This email is coming a little early today because we have a ton of stuff to do, and a train to catch as well. So this will probably be the only thing I send out today. Sorry everyone!

This week was great 🙂 little miracles were seen every single day, and thats what makes being a missionary so amazing!

I never quite know how to go about organizing these emails… so maybe today I’ll try going by people.

First! The Mercado family 🙂 Things have been going so great with them. We visited them this week and talked about the plan of salvation. I even made this cute little board game to play with CK. Mind you, I am not an artist, so it was a little rough. But she appreciated it anyways haha. My favorite part about visiting them was when CK had her friend Ainjell over to dinner as well. Her friend saw the plan of salvation game, and asked CK about it. So, we got to watch (and help a little bit) as CK taught her friend the plan of salvation. Thats really one of the best parts about being a missionary, helping and empowering the members to share the gospel. CK is only 10 and she is already so willing to share the gospel. She even told her friend Ainjell that she should be baptized so that they can be friends together in the Celestial Kingdom. So cute. And….. The Mercado family came to church again on Sunday :). It was definitely an adventure, and because Rhoda only speaks English or Japanese, I had to translate church for her. I think my brain just about lost it at the begining. But, I think it will help me learn faster, and it helps to be able to really build that strong relationship with her. I have a feeling that the little clip on mic is going to be my new best friend. I really think that this is going to be their return. If we can just continue to strengthen them, I have no doubt that Heavenly Father will take care of the rest.

Next, the Noguti family. Bruna is awesome, and doing great as usual. We got to visit her, as well as her 2 younger sisters Duda and Kamilla this week. I love all those girls so much. And on Sunday, Duda came to church with Bruna and had a super good time. She even gave us a little note at the end of church that said thank you for always visiting and teaching me about church, and no matter where you will go I’ll always remember you, so you have to remember me too. After talking to Duda and Bruna at church yesterday, Sister Carrasco and I recognized that now more than ever we needed to go and talk to Debora, their mom, and get things figured out. Which brings us to today. I’ve never been so terrified in my life to go talk to someone. We decided that we were going to invite Debora to hear the lessons, and ask her if it was okay if we taught Duda (her daughter) as well. We must have stood outside their apartment for 5 minutes before we finally went up to knock on the door. And…. it went way better than I ever thought it would. The other times we tried to visit she was busy doing things, but today when we went, it was just her and her new baby. We asked if we could just talk to her for a second, and she said of course, and let us into her home. We invited her to listen to our message and she accepted. She even told us that she has read a little bit of the Book of Mormon. After recovering from shock as quickly as possible, we shared a scripture with her about prayer, and how it strengthens families. And then we asked about Duda, and she said it was fine that we were teaching her as well. And she said that we could come back any day of the week to come and talk to her, because she is basically just going to be at home with the baby. Sister Carrasco and I were more than a little surprised at how well it went. Now we have the chance to essentially teach the whole Noguti family. Its an amazing miracle! A wonderful way to start our p-day and the last week of the transfer. And none of it would be possible without Heavenly Father’s help. Honestly coming back to the house on our bikes I wanted to sing every happy song I knew at the top of my lungs. There is nothing like the joy you feel when you are a missionary. Im sure some people think we’re a little strange when we’re smiling from ear to ear as we’re riding our bikes in the pouring rain.

We also got to visit some of our less active members this week. One of my favorite people to visit is Nubia She really has a heart of gold, willing to help everyone. When we went and visited her, we could tell she was more than a little stressed about everything that is going on at her work. Business isn’t as busy as it could be at the Plaza, and everyone is starting to feel the effect. We talked about happiness with her, and told her that Heavenly Father always wants us to feel that joy in their lives. As a commitment, we told her that she needs to laugh at least once a day. Its funny but true, that every time you see someone laughing, you want to laugh too. Its a really easy way to share happiness with others, and at the same time boost your Spirits. So all of you out there, when ever you are having a hard day, just laugh. Find one small thing to laugh at. I promise it helps 🙂

We also had a fantastic lesson this week with one of our investigators, a Brazilian woman named Maria. Before when we visited her, we only really had time to talk a little bit about the Book of Mormon, or share a scripture with her. But, on Saturday, we had the chance to share the message of the Restoration with her, including the First Vision, and Joseph Smith. Saturday was the first time I got to share the first vision in Portuguese. 🙂 After sharing the first vision and testifying about this church and the Book of Mormon I though for sure one of us was going to shed a tear or two. Im slowly getting better at not being a cry baby when I share my testimony I promise. When we asked Maria how she felt about what we had shared, she said she felt like it was nothing that could be wrong. She’s been to a lot of different churches, and she said they all pretty much just bash other religions, but she loves being able to talk to us, because we only focus on our church, and what we know to be true. She was busy this Sunday so she couldn’t come to church, but we asked her to really pray about the message we shared, and hopefully when we meet her next week we will be able to teach her abou ther Plan of Salvation and invite her to be baptized.

So many more amazing things happened this week, but I don’t have time to share them all, because we have to go to Tokyo this afternoon. We have a sisters conference as well as temple day tomorrow. 🙂
But, I did want to share something from conference that I really enjoyed. It was in a talk called “Drawing Closer to God” by Elder Terence M. Vinson. He told a story that I really enjoyed. Here it is:
A young boy was trying to smooth out the dirt area behind his house so he could play there with his cars. There was a large rock obstructing his work. The boy pushed and pulled with all his might, but no matter how hard he tried, the rock wouldn’t budge.
His father watched for a while, then came to his son and said, “You need to use all your strength to move a rock this large.”
The boy responded, “I have used all my strength!” His father corrected him: “No you haven’t. You haven’t had my help yet!” They then bent down together and moved the rock easily.

Sometimes I think its really easy to try and just do something by our own will and volition. We pull and tug with all OUR strength and get frustrated when things don’t work out. Just like the little boy in the story we have to remember that we always have divine, heavenly help. Our Heavenly Father is aware of our every action, trial and struggle. He’s watching and waiting to help, we just have to remember to ask him. There were so many times this week when I knew there were things that I could no way do on my own. And its tempting sometimes to say “There’s no way I can do that!” And its true. There are a lot of things that WE can’t do. But Heavenly Father can do all things. We just have to trust him and ask. And those things that were impossible on our own, will be accomplished easily.

I love you all! Have a safe week 🙂

Sister Hunsaker






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