December 9, 2013 Week 46 “Finding the Lost Sheep”

Darling Loved Ones,
The last few p-days have been pretty rushed, and today was no exception. This morning we had zone p-day where we met with all the Kiryu Zone missionaries to play volleyball and soccer (no worries I didn’t knock any elders over this time). Today we also had transfer calls! Probably the most stressful thing ever. Transfer calls start at 9 am and go till about 11. Today we didn’t get our call until 11:30. waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy after they called everyone else. The missionaries in charge of transfers forgot to call our zone leaders beforehand about us, so we were a tad bit forgotten. But we called the mission office and figured it all out, so all is well. In case my last email didn’t give it away… I’m staying in Oizumi 🙂 With Sister Carrasco. That’ll be 5 transfers together. And I know we are going to see soooo many miracles as long as we keep working hard together and stay obedient.

So, like I said time is incredibly short, so I’m just going to focus on 2 people for todays email, Duda and Doris.

Duda. I’m pretty sure I already told you about earlier this week. The changing of the baptismal date and the worry that ensued. This week went much much better. We visited Duda later this week and had the chance to talk to her again about her baptism. She chose a new date of December 22nd. After we talked a little more about that, we got her mother Debora in the room as well to talk about the baptismal service and how things would go down. We also got all of her baptismal paperwork done and got it to our ward secretary on Sunday, so her record will be made and ready for her to be interviewed. Probably next Sunday or sometime next week. But she is way excited to be baptized, and is progressing really well. Just keep her in your prayers that everything turns out okay and goes smoothly. I know Satan has the tendency to work the hardest on us when we are so close to our Heavenly Father.

And Doris. She is a Peruvian woman that we met housing a little while ago. We went to her house last night and had the chance to talk to her a little more. The lesson was a little rough at first, but it ended up going way well in the end. Years ago she took lessons from the elders here in Oizumi, but then the big earthquake happened, and the missionaries left. When they were put back in Oizumi it took a while for them to contact her, and by that time she had started attending another church. But she kept saying how much she knew that God had guided us to her house, because we didn’t know anything about her past. We’ve searched everywhere for a record for her and we can’t find one. She said she was like an ovejita. A little sheep. She had the missionaries to guide her, but when they left, she got lost, and started going down other paths trying to find the true church. She loved the story of Joseph Smith and how his story was like hers. She told us not to lose her again, to make sure she doesn’t become a little lost sheep once more, because she finally feels like she is finding her way home. She said she is going to have a special prayer tonight about the things that we taught her, and the reality that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on the Earth. After the lesson, Doris even drove us around Oizumi to the homes of different people that she knew and told us what time we could go visit them so that we can teach them more about this gospel. She’s like a member already 🙂
Something cool that I enjoyed reading this week during personal study was in the Bible. It wasn’t necessarily the verses that I enjoyed, but more so the story, and the application that I got from it. I was reading in Samuel, and read about David, how he fasted and prayed for his newborn son that he would live day and night. He felt such suffering and pain that when the child died, his servants were afraid to tell him, because they feared what his reaction would be. When David learned that his son had passed away, he rose up, worshipped the Lord, washed his face and ate. The servants were astonished at his behavior, and wondered why he was acting this way when his son had passed. David’s response was that he had done all that he could and pleaded with the Lord for it to be one way, but his son had passed, and there was nothing that he could do now to change the will of the Lord. He had to get up, and keep pushing forward, having faith that it would turn out alright. I was impressed with the story because I know there are so many times when after fasting and prayer and pleading, things don’t go our way, and then we have a tendency to look back and wonder what we could have done more. What scripture could I have shared, what testimony should I have borne, what could I have said to have helped this person accept the gospel. But the important thing that we have to remember is that the past is already done. We can’t change what is there. But we can change the present, and even more than that, the future. No matter what things lie behind us, the future is always bright when we put our faith in Christ. That’s always something for me that is important to remember.

I love you guys so much! I miss you tons and am looking forward to hearing from you next week 🙂

sister hunsaker

p.s. some eikaiwa students wanted to dress us up in kimonos, thats where the pictures are from. It was a cool experience. we also went with them to Nikko, and got to see the more ancient side of Japan. And snow. ew.








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