January 14, 2014 Week 51 “My Shepard”


How is everyone? Hopefully living because only mom emailed me from the fam this week. Little hunsaker children. You know who you are 😛

This week in Oizumi definitely had its ups and downs.

On Wednesday we met with two of our investigators, Diane and Doris. With Diane we talked about the Book of Mormon and serving one another. Its hard teaching her because she agrees with and believes everything that we say, but as soon as we try to extend a commitment she kind of backs off. We asked her to take Moroni’s promise and she basically said no. That if it was the word of God, she would just know. She didn’t need to read or pray about it. She’s an interesting one. When we went to go visit Doris, she dropped us. We definitely didn’t see that one coming, especially when the last lesson we taught we focused a lot on baptism and she seemed really interested in it. She just said that she couldn’t change what she believed. It was kind of a smack in the face in all honesty. She said she would call if she wanted to learn again, but for now she wanted us to stop visiting. Zannen.

This week we also visited the Takamura family. Sadly, they’re going back to Peru next week, so it was the last time we had the chance to visit them. We shared Alma 26:37, Which talks about God being aware of all people, wheresoever they might be. We were really hoping they would come to church on Sunday because the lesson went really well, but no luck there unfortunately.

A really fun part of this week was having zone meeting in Takasaki. After the meeting, we had a zone blitz. Basically all of the missionaries in Kiryu zone prayed together, and then we went out to go take over Takasaki. We had 3 hours to go out and try and find people. It was actually way fun. I got the chance to work with Sister Snow, who is an awesome missionary. We walked from the church to the Takasaki eki, and just streeted people the whole way there. It was interesting to dendou in Japanese again, and to see how other people share the gospel. We saw a lot of miracles through the zone blitz. Sister Snow and I talked to a really cute Japanese girl who accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and told us that she believed in God. She was really surprised by everything we were saying, but more in a way that it was just so amazing to hear. She kept smiling and saying, “Sugoi!” There were a lot of other fun people that we talked to, but that was probably my favorite one. At the end of the blitz, a Japanese man that the elders had been talking to came out of the train station with his arms overflowing with little bottle of hot cocoa. The elders told him we didn’t drink coffee, so he went inside and bought every single one of us hot chocolate. He was a way nice guy, and as we were leaving he was already sitting down reading his copy of the Book of Mormon. Sounds like a keeper.

On Sunday in sacrament meeting all of the missionaries spoke. Kind of to start off the new year, and get a focus on missionary work. And partially to give the members a break I’m sure. Seeing as they probably give a talk every few weeks. And today in DCS Brother Maeno talked about how each of us was chosen in the preexistence to come to Oizumi at this point and time. And to bring souls unto him. And that it is our duty to pray, and find out who we are supposed to help, and how we can help them. It was a nice reminder.

Other than that, things are slowly but surely moving along here. Transfer calls are next week and my companion and I are both nervous to see how it goes. We’ve been together for 5 transfers now, so we both know that one of us will be transferred. Both staying here with a new companion and being transferred are scary thoughts. Either way I’ll most likely have to be the leader for a little bit, until my new companion gets the hang of things too. But hey, who knows, we could both be blown out of the water and stay together once more.

This week Sister Carrasco and I were coming home and we got caught in a pretty awesome ice cold rain storm. That day things hadn’t exactly been going our way as well, so to have the rain coming down on us without coats was the last thing I wanted to happen. We were stopped at a stop light, and while we were waiting I looked down the street and just started laughing. I guess you could call it an epiphany moment. Never in my life did I think I would be on a bicycle in the pouring rain in Japan, in a town where people speak Portuguese. And despite how awful that day had been, I realized I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. If every day of my mission was like picking sunflowers in a field there is no way I would appreciate those amazing spiritual experience that you have every day. When we got out of the rain that night I looked up a scripture in the Bible that one of the elders had recommended I read.

Psalms 23:4

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

The Lord is our shepherd. So why should we fear? He really is with us every step of the way, and will always be there to comfort us. I know that’s true. I love you more than all the rice in Japan!

Sister Hunsaker



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  1. Mellissa Hafer
    Jan 15, 2014 @ 02:22:22

    Love your letters! Keep it up! I’ll write you soon- xoxo sis H

    Mellissa E. Hafer🇺🇸😊
    Sent from my iPhone📱



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