February 10, 2014 week 55 “iLove My Mission!”


Greetings from the ice cold city of Tsukuba! Yes. Ice cold. The ground
is currently covered in snow. We had a pretty bad storm roll through
on Saturday. It literally snowed all day, and was really bad at night.
And when there’s a lot of snow in Japan, the trains stop going, which
leads to people not going anywhere. A lot of wards here had to cancel
church altogether on Sunday. As for Tsukuba… Church was moved to 1
pm instead of 10 am, and we only had sacrament meeting. Way weird.
But, I digress. This week in Tsukuba was full of ups and downs, and
all sorts of adventures. I can’t wait to tell you about them.

On Tuesday we met Ana! The one who is Brasilian and I met her mother
in Oizumi. She’s really cool. Speaks good English, and Japanese
because she pretty much grew up here. She doesn’t remember anything
about Brasil, but she wants to go back someday. We talked with her a
little it about the Book of Mormon and gave her a copy before saying
goodbye. She’s actually going to America for the next little while.
For homestay. You’ll never guess where she is staying, Salt Lake City
Utah. Haha. Here’s to hoping that she has a chance to check out Temple
Square while she is there.

Another person that we met with this week was Amina. Our miracle from
last week. We went to go check on her and see how she was doing. Sadly
she is going to be crazily busy for the next week and a half due to
tests in high school. Japanese high schools are insane. Just so you
know. They live up to every stereotype that you could ever think of
haha. But her and her family are awesome. And I know they could
really use the gospel. So we’re going to keep trying.

Someone else that we met with twice this week is a woman named Miyuki.
She met the missionaries a while ago, but she hadn’t seen us since I
got to Tsukuba. She is hilarious. In her 30s and married, but loves
English, and missionaries, so she likes being with us. Her interest in
the gospel is still a little small, but she’ll get there little by
little. We made hamburgers with her this last week and she thought it
was the best thing she had ever eaten. She took us out to eat some
traditional Japanese food today, and most of it was pretty good.
Except for the raw squid in some weird sauce. I could do like one
piece and I was done. Chewy, squishy, and juicy. An awful combination
if something doesn’t taste good. Ew. But she is way sweet. This week
we might go play ping pong with her at the church.

Which brings me to the next event! Ping Pong 🙂
We usually have a sports day every Saturday, but since it started
pouring snow, we couldn’t really go play soccer. So a bunch of members
and friends came to the church and we set up a ping pong table and got
a tournament going. I made it to the top 3, which is a miracle in
itself, and then got schooled by one of the members. Another
stereotype that lives up to its name. Japanese people are awesome at
ping pong.

And then on to the title of my email. “iLove my mission!” This week all
the missionaries turned in the personal computer that was kept in the apartment, and every single missionary in the Tokyo Mission was given an iPad Mini. How crazy is that?? Not even one for companionship, one
per missionary. I’ve still got mixed feelings about it. I’ve always
been more of a fan of paper and pencil and books, but for things like
the area book and maps it’s wonderful. And I just continue to carry
around my old paper planner just in case. But yeah, pretty much
everything we do as a missionary has been digitalized. It’s weird, but
it really is helping us reach out to these people. We aren’t allowed
to use Facebook for proselyting yet, but it’s in the works. The mission president said it’s just a little while before we start using it as well. So strange. Still getting used to it all. If my email is full of errors…. I apologize.

The rest of our week in Tsukuba we spent on the streets and knocking
doors. Which was a lot of our time. Sometimes it was hard. Like when
you’re sliding on ice trying to get around, but I really saw that when
we go that extra mile and push past the things that try us and make us
uncomfortable (or freezing cold) is really when Heavenly Father
blesses us. This next week will definitely be interesting, but I’m
looking forward to all the fun and adventure it will bring. I miss you
so much! Stay warm, keep smiling, carry on 🙂

I love you more than all the rice in Japan! 🍚
Sister Hunsaker

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