February 16, 2014 Week 56 “Still Never Alone”


I won’t lie I’m incredibly jealous of the warm weather that I heard California has been having the past few days. Not fair!!! It’s freezing here in Tsukuba. It snowed again this week, and then it
rained a ton, so everything is way flooded with water. Today looks a
little nicer at least. The temperature says Japan isn’t that cold…
But the humidity throws it all off. I’ve never been so cold in my whole entire life. Seriously. But people are nice to you when you knock on their door and it’s cold outside. And then they find out you’re from California and they take a lot more pity on you. That or I
look like a drowned kitten when we go housing at night. Not sure which
is worse.

This week in Tsukuba was.. Hard. Haha. And full of miracles. Welcome
to the life of a missionary right? Also, everything in Tsukuba is way
far away, except for the church. Just in one day alone here we rode 15
miles on the bike. And it’s not flat either. If I round everything we
did this past week it’s around 50 miles. I’m now a pro. And my legs
hurt almost daily. Lots of stretching at night.

So… Things that happened this week in Tsukuba. First on Tuesday went
to go housing around where some of our members live. Not a lot of
people were interested, but while we were going from house to house,
I saw a woman across the street walking home with her kids, so we went over to go talk to her. Her name is Selya, and she is from Pakistan.
She was way nice, and told us that when we were done knocking on doors to come to her house so that we could have a break from the cold, and
that she would give us something warm to drink. We took her up on
that, and something warm to drink turned into dinner with her and her
kids. She is a nice woman and her family is adorable. The only
downside to this little story is that Selya is Muslim. Which means we aren’t allowed to teach her. Really big let down. But, some of the members live next door, so they can still share the light of Christ through their example.

This week we also did a lot of traveling. We had interviews with
President Budge one day, and after that I had to go to the Mission home
for a training meeting for all the mission leaders. It was an amazing
experience to be on the other side of everything that happens in the
mission. It made me realize just how important it is to all be united as missionaries. That night we also had eikaiwa. Me and my companion teach the children’s class, and it’s always a blast. They all give us high fives when it’s over, and one of the moms always comes up and tells me that when they get home their kids talk about how much fun it was, and can’t wait to come back 🙂 made me smile.

This week I also got to go on exchanges with one of the sisters that
I’m over in our apartment, Sister Kelly. I love her. She is an amazing missionary and has such a strong desire to serve The Lord. We went to visit a recent convert (that lived 7 miles away by bike) whose name is Maiann. She’s Filipino! Being with her and teaching her and her little family made me think about the Mercado family in Oizumi.
Such an awesome experience. I loved every second of it.

Sunday was my favorite day of the week. One of my little eikaiwa students that happens to be a member turned 8 recently and got
baptized! She was so excited for all of it to happen. Her grandpa is the one who baptized her because her father has been less active for a while now. But she bore the sweetest testimony about how she had tried fasting for the first time recently, and that she had fasted for her dad, and that she was going to keep doing that until he came back to church. Mitsuki is adorable. She’s going to be an amazing young woman when she grows up. On Sunday night we had a lesson with an
investigator named Keiko. We found her last Sunday night housing, and
she let us come back! She had even read some of the Book of Mormon
that we left with her 🙂 how cool is that? We talked to her about the
Restoration, and she agreed to pray about the Book of Mormon and said
we could come back again. She even said the closing prayer for the lesson. It was a way awesome experience.

But most of this week was spent out on the street finding people, or on my knees, trying to figure out how to help Tsukuba. I won’t lie, there was a lot of things this week that made it seem so hard, but looking back helps you realize that there were small miracles everyday as well. This morning I just finished reading a talk that a friend sent me awhile ago called “Lessons from Liberty Jail” by Elder Holland. I had no clue how much that talk would help me as a missionary. But every time I read it, it helps me remember that I’m never alone, and that Heavenly Father is always with us. And that everything that happens is for a reason, even if we can’t understand why. I love you more than all the rice in Japan 🍚 until next week!!

Sister Hunsaker


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  1. Liz jergensen
    Feb 18, 2014 @ 04:52:46

    Suzanne… So good to read about your life as a missionary. I’m sure you are the best!! We pray for you and hope The Lord continues to bless you and your companion daily as you serve faithfully. We love you and miss you tons!! Xoxo


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