March 9, 2014 week 59 “Living The Good Life And Preaching The Good Word”

Hello! Good morning! It’s a beautiful day… Well the weather is awful, but this last few days in. Tsukuba have been a blast. The beginning of the week was a little stressful, but things have been getting better. I’ve honestly never been so busy as a missionary.

Tuesday was packing and cleaning and transferring things. As Sister Training Leader, you have to coordinate how transfer go down. Basically figure out however sister can go to her area and meet her companion without being alone. Took forever. But it happened! More on that later. We also met with Miyuki, and made yakisoba together. And,
we actually had the chance to kind of share a gospel principle with her!! Little by little she’s letting us in. She saw my small copy of the Book of Mormon in English and wanted to try reading it, so I flipped to a scripture and let her try. Then when she didn’t
understand we broke it out in Japanese and explained it to her. It was way awesome. I’m glad she’s just letting us actually teach her something for once.

Wednesday was Sister Sickles and I last day together in Tsukuba. It was probably my favorite day of the transfer as well. Granted we were cold and wet because it was pouring rain, but in the end we laughed and hugged each other, and everything that happened this transfer just kind of made sense. We also got to meet with Amina, who is super sad that one of us is leaving. But her family is actually going to travel
in the United States (around Hollywood) in late July, so we will all
see each other again. There’s no doubt about it.

Thursday was in all honesty probably the most stressful day of my
mission. Thursday was the day where transfers actually happen. Something came up and my companionship needed to travel all the way to the mission home in Tokyo, somehow meet my companion, and go back to
Tsukuba. On top of that three sisters missed their trains and buses.
And when we got to the Tsukuba station, no trains were coming or
leaving. We had to call a member to give us a ride to the closest station, and it ended up being okay after that. Most of the day was spent traveling, and we got home just in time for eikaiwa. Which was fun and stress free!! And I got my new companion! I love her. Such an angel. We’re laughing and joking around all day. Pretty much all communication is in
Japanese, which is nice for me, because it’s helping me learn faster.
And forget English haha. I started talking to some of our English
speaking ward members in Japanese more than once on Sunday.

Saturday was tons of fun. On Friday morning the primary president
called me and asked if we had anything going on Saturday morning. I
said no, and she told us that the primary children and some of the
ward members were going to another members farm to plant potatoes. She
said she would be bringing a friend with her that wasn’t a member, so
she would appreciate if the sisters were there to meet her and help
her feel welcome. You better believe we said yes! Planting potatoes is actually a lot of fun. and a lot of work.
Especially when it’s windy and you’re in a skirt. We didn’t realize we
would actually be out in the middle of nowhere in a field haha.
But we met Ichi! She’s a very sweet woman who came with her 2
kids to the activity. Sister Han and I got to talk to her a lot and she’s pretty awesome. Has even been to a Christian church before. We invited her to come to church with us and to come to eikaiwa. After the activity, Sister Nakamura (the primary president) thanked us and told us that she would try and talk to her friend some more and invite her to church. So great!

And Sunday. Church was wonderful as usual. And want to know something
really cool!!!!??? We met Brasilians!!! Happy day. The other sisters
were knocking on doors and found them, so they called me and we went
over to visit. 2 very sweet people. Both from Sao Paolo. Neither of them spoke any Japanese, and hadn’t lived here for very long. The first man didn’t have a ton of interest, but the second person was a woman and she said that we were welcome to come back any day and talk to her. 🙂 speaking of Brasilians, my old ward in Oizumi sent me a package last week ❤️They all wrote letters and sent them to me, along with my favorite candy. Love them to pieces. I will definitely be
visiting them again. No matter what it takes.

And that’s basically it. The last few days have been seriously awesome. Amazing. Spectacular. It’s mind blowing how many miracles we
have seen in just the past little while here in Tsukuba. I guess it just shows me how Heavenly Father blesses us when we give everything we have to this work. My time is about up, but I’ll talk to you next week!!

I love you more than all the rice in Japan 🍚❤️

Sister Hunsaker

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