March 16, 2014 Week 60 “There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today”

Good morning everyone!

It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, spring is coming!!!!! I’m so happy. Today was the first time in MONTHS that I didn’t have to wear tights outside. And then I came to the awful realization of how white my legs have gotten. I’m lighter than my Japanese companion. Not cool. From now on… I’ll be out in the sun as much as possible.

This week in Tsukuba was insane. I’ve never been so incredibly busy as
a missionary in my life. We finish planning for the day, start calling
sisters to check on them, shower, and then it’s already time for bed.
I’m also forgetting English. I can’t count the number of times I started typing Japanese words into this email already. But that’s a good thing I figure. Means I’m actually learning this language.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the other Sisters here in
Tsukuba, and I got to work with Sister Davis. We were actually in the MTC together, so it was a lot of fun to be able to see her again. That night we had a super awesome lesson with one of our investigator named Phoebe. Remember her? She is Chinese. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation, and one of the ward members from Taiwan came to help us teach. Which was really good. Phoebe really loved the lesson, and she said an amazing prayer at the end. At the end of the lesson our member actually just jumped in and asked her to come to church and be baptized. We were surprised, but it was way good timing. Sadly, Phoebe is going back to China on the 4th of April, and she’s going to
be busy until next week. Basically we’re praying for a miracle at this
point. Like she decides to stay in Japan, specifically. I just know
she’s so prepared. I wish we could have found her sooner.

On Wednesday we went to visit one of our less actives, Sister Tomishima. She actually came to church last week!!! It was a miracle because she hasn’t been in a way long time. Sister Hanashiro and I
decided to teach her the Restoration once more, because it has probably been awhile since the last time she heard it. And it went really well. At the end of the lesson she actually told us that lately she had been thinking about her children a lot and decided that she really wants one of them to learn about the gospel. Her son Sho, who is 14. She said he is a little busy right now, but that when he
gets done with basketball she would like for us to teach him!!! How
cool right?
After the lesson with Tomishima Shimai we went to another lesson that
we had planned with a woman that Sister Davis and I met streeting the
day before on exchanges. Her name is Anubhuti She’s from India. We taught her the restoration as well. She had even read a little bit of the Book of Mormon that we gave her the day before. But the lesson was a little difficult. She is a very smart woman. Thinks too much with her head. Not enough with her heart.

Thursday…. The leaders of the Tokyo Japan Mission went viral. We are
now full time online proselyting missionaries. Via Facebook. Wow. It’s
weird for sure. And there’s a lot of rules and things that we still
have to figure out, so everything is pretty much in trial mode right
now. But the purpose of it is to connect more with the members and the people we are teaching. Anything that isn’t missionary related is not
allowed, and still can’t talk to friends or family through it. But we’ve already seen that it helps out a ton. Just have to hope that everyone in the mission is honest and obedient when it comes time for everyone to use it.

And since I’m running out of time, we’ll end with Saturday. Saturday was an awesome day. For lunch, we went to a relief society activity that was like a Thanksgiving day type thing. We all talked about what we are grateful for, and ate American food. One of our
Eikaiwa students, Yoko came to the activity as well. We sat by her, and pretty soon one of our (super excited about missionary work) members
came and sat by us as well. Score. We ended up teaching Yoko most of
the restoration right there, and the member really was doing most of
it. Which is actually the best way for things to go, believe it or not. But it was way good, and Yoko seemed like she was really listening. And from there, a member drove us to the station so we
wouldn’t miss our train, and we headed to Kamagaya for a zone blitz.
Some sisters just got put there, and they don’t have any investigators, so all of us went down there to go help them out. And we saw so many miracles there with all the missionaries working super hard. Hopefully enough to give them a jump start in their new area.

But yeah, being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. So much joy
in the work when you have a great companion who loves being a
missionary too. We have seen so many miracles here in Tsukuba, but
even more than that we are having fun as missionaries. Which I think
is really important as well. If we aren’t enjoying it, what’s the point?

Anyways, sorry I have to go so soon, but I love you more than all the rice in Japan 😊❤️🍚

Sister Hunsaker


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