March 23, 2014 Week 61 “Blessings”

Dear family, friends and loved ones!

Spring is coming :)))))). I’m so excited it’s ridiculous. Today was
the first time in months that I didn’t have to wear a coat outside.
It’s a great feeling. The flowers and everything are starting to come
out. We should have Sakura (cherry blossoms) in just a little while.

This week was great, stressful, everything all rolled into one. And so
different from last transfer that it’s astonishing. Really though.
There’s a lot more responsibility, but at the same time my companion
and I find the time every day to just laugh and talk. It makes going
and and doing missionary work together that much more fun.

On Tuesday, the Matsudo South Zone had a training meeting, and Sister
Hanashiro and I basically split the training in half with the zone leaders. We had about 3 trainings, and 2 workshops that we were in charge of for the meeting. Let’s just say I was grateful for the opportunity, but thankful that it’s over haha. After the meeting, we
went on exchanges with the Matsudo Sisters, Sister Kubota and Sister
Imaizumi. Sister Im came back with me to Tsukuba. She’s from Nagoya, Japan, and on her 2nd transfer. I don’t know why I always get so nervous for exchanges when they are with Japanese sisters. My companion is native as well, but I think sometimes I forget that when were together. I guess it’s always a little intimidating to work with someone that speaks the language you are trying to learn perfectly. But that being said, we had a ton of fun 🙂 we did some housing,
streeting, and then we had a dinner appointment with two cute girls,
Kaori and Eri. I met Kaori a month or 2 ago at the Tsukuba Station, and we talked for a bit. She said she would give us a call, and hadn’t heard from her since. But look! She actually did call. And they are
both super cute girls. We had the chance to talk a lot about what we
do as missionaries, and the lessons that we teach. They both seem like
they would be really interested in learning more about the church. The
only worry is that both of them have crazy part time jobs every Sunday. Go figure. And they’re college students. But! Were praying for them.

The rest of the week was really spent out on the streets trying to find people to teach. And I won’t lie, it’s really easy as a missionary to start feeling pressure when you don’t have a ton of
investigators to teach. Everyone that we taught before suddenly dropped off the face of the planet. But if I’ve learned anything, it’s that we have to rely on God’s will, and understand his plan for the area that I’m in right now. We met a lot of really cool people this
week. Some of them definitely miracles. Just to name a few:

Peter and Ingrid. We met them at the park because their little girl accidentally ran into me full speed as she was running around the playground. They are from Hungary. We asked them if they had ever heard of our church before, and they said YES! Wow. That’s cool for
one. They live in there capital city of Hungary (not sure what it
is…)so they see missionaries all the time. But they said it’s always
boys. They’ve never seen sister missionaries before. We talked to them a little bit about the plan of salvation, and what goes on afore this
life. They were really curious, and we got their email, so we’re hoping to see them again.

Ishi-San. He’s a college student, and since he’s male… Probably gonna have to pass him to he elders. But he was hilarious. We talked a little bit and he said he had heard of our church before. So we asked if he had ever heard of the Book of Mormon. Yes again. Did he have one? Yes again. Did he read it at all? His response, ” Yeah I read the whole thing… It was waaaaay LONG. But all the stuff about Christ
coming to America is pretty cool”. Sister Hanashiro and I about passed
out on his doorstep. Apparently he took a religion class at Tsukuba
university about American religions. And he did his final project on
Mormonism. So he read the entire Book of Mormon and purchased and
watched the restoration movie for it. Super cool right???? Things like
that are too unreal to be coincidence.

Working here in Tsukuba has really been an interesting experience. The
people here are all really nice. And really smart. They have a
tendency to analyze everything, instead of letting their heart tell
them what to do. We’ve been working hard every day though, and even
when it is rough, we can always look back and see how Heavenly Father
has blessed us that day.

I guess the “spiritual thought” that I wanted to share with you all
for this week comes from church yesterday. Two sisters spoke together
in church. One of them just got home from her mission, and the other
is younger, about 17, and just returned to activity in the church.
Ai-chan was always raised in the church, but when she was a teenager
she stopped going to church. She just didn’t want to go, and made up
the excuse that she was so busy that she didn’t have time. Right
around that time her older sister, Yu left on her mission to Kobe.
Ai-chan talked about the time that she was inactive. She did things
she shouldn’t have, and wasn’t super happy, but wasn’t ready to make
any changes. She emailed her sister on her mission about it, and Yu
told her to get a fathers blessing. And she did. Ai-chan said that
during her blessing she felt the spirit stronger than she ever had,
and it testified to her about how much her family on Earth and in heaven loved her. After that blessing she realized how much she had
missed the spirit in her life, and she started coming back to church.
And now she has an amazing testimony of the church. And then her older sister got up and talked about her mission. How it shape her, but even more than that, how much it blessed her family. She worried leaving on her mission about here family, but when she got home she realized that The Lord had blessed them even more than she could have if she would have stayed home.
I think that was a huge testimony to everyone in the chapel about the
power of faith and missionary work. We leave everything behind, but
Heavenly Father takes care of it all. Our friends, our family, they
can all be blessed through our service.

I love all of you so much. Thanks for your letters and emails. My
mission has been flying by faster than I would like it, and it’s the
best experience in the world. Until next week, I love you more than
all the rice in Japan 😊❤️🍚

Sister Hunsaker



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