April 6, 2014 Week 63 “Spring Is Here” πŸŒΈ

Darling dearest family and friends,

This week has flown by so fast it’s ridiculous. And technically it was
a little bit shorter because we had the temple trip on Tuesday. Which
was one of the highlights of this fantastic week. We seriously saw so
many amazing miracles this week.

Probably the most mind boggling part of this week was the fact that I
think I taught more in Portuguese than Japanese. Two different Brasilians in one week. That’s never happened here in Tsukuba. The first woman was someone we ran into at a park. Well…. Okay. I may or may not have totally followed her around the park trying to figure out what language she was speaking, and once i realized it was Portuguese practically ran over to talk to her. Her name is Dahlina, and she
lives here in Tsukuba. She was way nice and interested in learning
about how families can be together forever.
And the other Brasilians… Don’t live anywhere near us haha. They
live in Niigata, way far away. It used to be part of the Sendai Mission. I got a call from the Elders serving there and they needed help talking to a investigator family that they are teaching, but don’t really speak English or Japanese. There was a Brasilian elder serving there, but he just finished his mission, so they gave me a
call. The family is waaaay nice though. The dad is a professional
soccer player, and the mom stays at home with her two little kids.
Hopefully the elders up there can make some headway with them.

Awkward moment of the week/incredibly funny at the same time. Going to Tokyo on Thursday morning. Sister Hanashiro and I, plus the zone
leaders, all went together for Mission Leadership Council (all the
zone leaders, and sister training leaders) to plan things for
conferences and for the mission. Tsukuba to Tokyo is a bit of a ride,
and usually when we go, there aren’t a ton of people. It must have
been rush hour or something. Sister Hanashiro and I made the mistake
of standing next to the elders when the train wasn’t very packed, and
then realized we were in trouble when tons of people flooded the train
and all the missionaries are jam packed together. Seriously so many
people that you can’t even move. And pressure on every side. I’m
pretty sure one of the elders was freaking out that he was being
sandwiched by sisters. And we were just standing there laughing and
apologizing for the next 10 minutes, because that’s about all we could
do. Lesson learned: don’t stand next to elders when going to Tokyo.

Saturday was amazing. The sakura is soooo beautiful. But it really is
fleeting. When the petals start falling off the trees it looks like
snow πŸ™‚
On Saturday we went to a park and had a picnic with the sisters, and
went to go “run into” one of our investigators. Didn’t go quite as
planned, but it was still a nice day. From there we went and walked
around the park and stopped and talked to people about the church,
gave out copies of the Book of Mormon, and testified our hearts out
about the gospel. And we met some pretty amazing people. My favorite
was this little Filipino family that we saw walking around. We talked
to them, and then their daughters ran up and wanted to take a picture
with us and added us on Facebook. We’ve been talking to them since
then and it’s going really well.

Sunday. We had an investigator come to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was
the member referral we received last week. Her name is Yamamoto Terue.
She came to sacrament meeting and we taught her a lesson. Yes, just in
case you are wondering we don’t get to watch conference quite yet.
It’s always a week behind in Japan. So we will see it next week. After
sacrament meeting we went upstairs to teach Terue-san a lesson.
Originally we had planned to teach her the restoration, but as we were
talking to her before the lesson, she told us about her husband who
had passes away, and how she felt so alone and dead on the inside
sometimes. My companion and I just looked at each other, and turned to
Terue-san and told her, “Today we want to teach you about Heavenly
Father’s plan for his children. It’s called The Plan of Salvation.”
And that’s exactly what we taught her. And a little bit of the restoration about the Book of Mormon. She had a bit of a hard time believing some of it, but there is no way we are giving up on Terue
that easy. She’s so prepared it’s ridiculous. Her brother is a member
in our ward, and one of her daughters converted at BYU Idaho and just
got married in the Salt Lake Temple to a returned missionary. Heavenly
Father is definitely working on her family. She really likes us though, and she seems like she wants to believe, so I know something amazing can come of it.

Want to know something crazy? Next Pday will be transfer calls 😳😳
that’s a scary thought. I have no clue what’s going to happen, but
whatever does will pretty much determine where I end my mission. Stay tuned my friends. Until next week, I love you more than all the rice
in Japan! 😊❀️🍚

Sister Hunsaker







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