April 28, 2014 Week 66 “Coincidences”

Hey everyone!

Wow. This week was… Crazy. So much to update you on, so little time.
I’ll focus on the important stuff.

I didn’t realize how much I missed Oizumi until I was back here with
the people and the members. It feels like I never left, but at the
same time things are really different than the last time i was here.
In a good way of course. Sister Cortes is an AMAZING companion. We
have so much fun together and are laughing everyday, and seeing
miracles everyday as well. Like so many that it’s impossible to count
them all. Every single time we have gone housing this week we have
found someone who is willing to listen. Our teaching pool is slowly
but surely growing πŸ™‚

Probably the main person that I’ll tell you about is Linda. She is such a prepared person. We met with her probably 3 or 4 times this week, and had the chance to talk to her and find out what she knows, and what she wants to learn. On Wednesday we had a really awesome lesson with her. We decided to focus on baptism, and the gift of the
Holy Ghost. In her previous church, when someone received the gift of
the Holy Ghost, it meant that they started speaking in tongues or
something else crazy. Once we answered her questions and told her what exactly the gift of the Holy Ghost was, she said, “wow! Well then I
want to be baptized!” My heart about stopped right there. We set a
goal for baptism with Linda for May 25th. She really has a strong
desire to be baptized, her only concern is that she works on Sundays,
and when she asked her supervisor about getting it off for church she
didn’t get a very positive response. So we’re praying and fasting for
her, because we know that she can do it πŸ™‚

This week we also had interviews with the mission president. That was
great as always. No surprise here… I’ll be finishing my mission in
Oizumi 😊. He gave me the down low on all of that. But he is worried
about what will happen after I leave. They don’t really have a ton of
sisters that could come here. He said he has called Salt Lake asking
for Brazilian Sisters, but we still haven’t gotten any. So basically
me and my companion need to work our hearts out these last 2 transfer
and make sure every second is worth it. Which is what we do. We
seriously get home every night, do planning, and then start laughing
because we’re exhausted, but at the same time we’re so happy it
doesn’t even matter.

Sunday was amazing. We had group conference, so tons of members (not
just from Oizumi) came, and some representatives from the stake also
came. We all squished into our makeshift chapel, and there was barely enough room for all of us. Linda couldn’t make it to church 😦 but, we
did have a cute old Japanese woman that is one of our friends come.
And after sacrament meeting we had a type of potluck, and all the
members and investigators and missionaries ate and bonded and had a great time. And then the members broke out an adorable pineapple
flavored birthday cake and sang happy birthday. I’ll admit it, I started crying. I don’t even know why. Just because I was so happy to be there with them again?

When the stake president talked in sacrament meeting he said something
that I really loved. “With God, there are no coincidences. He has a
marvelous Plan of Salvation for all of us.” And sitting there, I know
it was no coincidence that I studied Spanish, and then got sent on my
mission to Japan. It’s no coincidence that I served in Oizumi with
these people, and it’s no coincidence that I’m back. I know God has a
plan here for these people. The members, and the nomembers as well.
And I just hope that I can play the part
that I need to, and truly be
a tool in his hands to help these people.

I love being a missionary. I don’t want it to end. Ever. And I know it
will always be in my heart, but I want to treasure all the time I have
left, because I know how precious it is. I love all of you so much.
You’re in my prayers night and day. And of course, I love you more
than all the rice in Japan 😊❀️🍚.


Sister Hunsaker





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