May 5, 2014 Week 67 “The Town Of Many Miracles In The Land Of The Rising Sun”

Hellllooooooo everyone!

This week was… Incredible. Amazing. I don’t know if a word could even describe it. One of my favorite weeks of my mission.

On Tuesday our stake had a huge Sports Activity, hosted by Oizumi
Group. We played soccer, volleyball, ping pong, and tug of war. Oizumi
put up a valiant effort, and we placed third overall. It was tons of fun though, and it reminded me of why I love serving here so much. We’re like a big huge family.

Wednesday was lots and lots of knocking doors. But we saw soooo many miracles. We found four people that day that were willing to listen to
a message about the restored gospel, and gave each of them a copy of
the Book of Mormon. I was incredibly happy, to say the least.

On Friday we went on exchanges with the Kiryu Sisters, and I got to
dendo with Sister Jack! We came to Japan together, and haven’t ever been in the same zone. It was tons of fun to catch up, and teach people together. Kind of. Our lessons were all in Portuguese so mostly it was me teaching, and translating for her if she wanted to say
something. We got to see a former investigator, Celia. I don’t know
if you remember me talking about her before, but she already knows
that this church is true. We decided to be really bold with her and
taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. We invited her to be baptized,
and she said yes! She told us that she knows this church is true, but
her problem is still church attendance. Still working on Sunday. But I
told her I’m not giving up on her this time, and neither is God.

We had another really awesome lessons with our investigator, Maria
this week. We decided we wanted to invite her to be baptized as well.
She said yes, but we weren’t able to set a date with her yet. She
wants to be sure that this church is true before she continues on the
path. But we were able to set really great expectations with her.

This Sunday and Oizumi was one of the most spiritual sacrament
meetings I have ever been to. One of the members brought his friend
and his friends family to church with him today. They will only be
here for 10 days, but they are really amazing people. The member
pulled us aside before church, and asked us to bear our testimonies
directly to his friend. All of the members testified of the joys of
having eternal families within this Gospel, and so did I, and one of
the other elders. There wasn’t a dry eye in the chapel, and this man
and his wife both got up and approached the stand to bear their own testimonies. They aren’t members of the church, but they both
testified of how they knew God loves them and loves us as well. And
that being in the church this Sunday was their favorite experience
they have had here in Japan. Amazing, right?

And then, today. P day. We spent our pday with the Oizumi Group
because we love them so darn much. We went down to the Tone River and
had a churrasco (Brazilian barbecue) with them. Which is delicious.
Chicken heart is slowly becoming one of my favorites. (Sorry if any of
you are vegetarian) we got to play volleyball, and soccer, and just
hang out and strengthen the members once more. I really love them so
much. I can’t wait for you to meet them. One of the members was
teasing me that they are going to put a plaque up in the church for me
because I’ve been here so long. But really, I wouldn’t want to be
anywhere else. And this week only reinforced that. I was talking to
Sister J about how many miracles we were seeing here, and I just
knew that I needed to come back. We’re working hard everyday, and The
Lord is really blessing our little group of Oizumi.

I love you more than all the rice in Japan, and can’t wait to see you next week!

Sister Hunsaker





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