May 13, 2014 Week 68 “Feliz Dia das Mães”

Boa noite! Buenas noches! こんばんは!

It’s a little weird writing an email after I just talked to you all a day ago, but I didn’t get a chance to tell you everything, and there is more to update on, so I’ll fill in he blanks.

We had an AMAZING week in Oizumi. So many cool miracles. Just to name a few…

We saw AN INCREDIBLE Facebook miracle this week actually. My first
zone leader recently returned home to Brazil, and he emailed me the
past week to see how Oizumi was doing, and to check up on some of his
investigators. (We both serve there when I was transfer 3) He specifically asked about 2 recent converts/less actives, Marisol and her son. He also mentioned wanting to find them on Facebook. We haven’t been able to see Marisol at all. And neither did the previous sisters in this area. So we went on Facebook, found Marisol’s
profile, added her as a friend, and then sent the information to Elder
Shibuta. Literally the next morning I had a huge Facebook message from
him, with details all about what was going on with Marisol. Not only
did he manage to talk to her, but he also convinced her to meet with
us. Later that day we got a call from an unknown number, and it was
her! We went to her home and met that day. And with all the
information from Elder Shibuta, we were able to really understand her
situation, and know how to help her. And we couldn’t do it without his
help. It really set an example for me, of that we are still missionaries, even after we return home. And even through ways as simple as Facebook. It kind of makes me think twice. With something as open as a social network, people see everything we post. And sadly, they judge you according to that. But so far, nothing but positive results from Facebook.

On Mother’s Day, we had a great time with the members,and we also saw
a pretty cool miracle there as well. We were having a shokujikai(dinner) after church, and randomly this Brazilian girl just walked into the church. I looked at her, and thought she looked familiar, so we went and talked to her. I had knocked on her door almost a year earlier. Wow. She came to the church because she wants to learn
English, but the way she was asking about what we do, and looking
around the church, I feel like she wants to learn more than just
English. But she already told us her mom isn’t a huge fan of our church. She told her mom she was going to the store so that she could come to the church. Her name is Graziela. We set an appointment to come teach her more. We will see her tomorrow :).

Another cool investigator that I feel like I haven’t talked a lot about is Keila. We found her housing 2 weeks ago. She’s a little rough around the edges, but she is such a sweet mother to her daughter. We went to their home to
say hi the other day, and as we were talking to her, she randomly
started asking about baptism within our church. She still has a lot to
learn, but she wants to be baptized! It was a crazy awesome miracle.

And… Something fun that happened this week. We heart attacked one of
our investigators doors and she loved it! She posted a picture of it
on Facebook and called us crying saying she felt so loved and so on.
Score! It was fun to sneak to her house and do it though. Made me feel
like a kid toilet papering my friend’s house all over again.

It was incredibly weird to see all of you, and realize that my mission
is coming to an end. Granted I still have plenty of time, but I can’t
believe it has gone by so fast. We went to the Tokyo temple this morning, and it was just as beautiful as I remember it. And then I started thinking about my mission, and where I have been, and how I have served these people. And then I started worrying. Aunt Amy sent me an email this morning and it pretty much hit the nail right on the
head. I’m worried about what will happen when I’m gone. If Oizumi will
be okay without me. The last time I transferred out, things didn’t go
so well with the sisters that were put in. That’s half of the reason
they put me back. Build it up, teach the sisters Portuguese, and let
them go. I guess it’s kind of like how Mom must have felt letting me
leave for my mission. You do everything you can. Give everything you have to these people. Your whole heart. And then you have to leave.
And hope that everything you’ve done sticks. And trust that they will
be okay. I’m still working on that part. But I know that Heavenly Father has a special plan for those special people that I am so blessed to work with. It’s going to be so hard to leave, and I’m
terrified. And at the same time whenever I pray about these people, my family away from home, I know deep down that it will be okay. I just
have to trust my Heavenly Father enough to follow His plan.

I love you all bunches and bunches! And more than all the rice in Japan. ❤️😊🍚

I promise to write a better letter next week 🙂


Sister Hunsaker





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