June 2, 2014 Week 71 “The Beginning Of The End”

Dearest family, friends, and loved ones.

Another crazy week has already flown by! And today was zone pday!
Well… Kind of. The plan was to have all of the missionaries meet
here in Oizumi and play sports together, but all of the sisters bailed
out. So it turned into all of the elders and me and my companion
playing sports at a nearby park, and waiting for those dreaded phone
calls. And every single companionship in our zone got a transfer call.
It was kind of sad actually. So many people are leaving. Even within
my own companionship. Which was a HUGE surprise to me and my
companion. I will be staying in Oizumi, but Sister Cortes is transferring to Koga. But we will see each other again in a few weeks.
My new companion is going to be Sister Rodriguez. She is from Salt
Lake City, Utah, but her parents are from Mexico, so she speaks some
Spanish. But…. No Portuguese. Shoot. So I’ve got 5 weeks to get her
up and ready to take over the area. Which is all I have left,
unfortunately. I won’t lie…. I’m panicking slightly. I’ve already
been worried about my area, and now the thought of only having five
weeks to train someone here, and help them to know and love the
members and investigators like I do is terrifying. And on top of this,
we will be the Sister Training Leaders for the Kiryu West Zone.
Heavens help us. I know we can do it. This next transfer will just be
a lot of hard work. Which is good.

Anyway, this week was pretty great here in Oizumi. We saw lots of
miracles, with our investigators, and within our own ward. Sadly, I’m
not gonna have time really this week. So…. Just a few things.

We saw Graziela, and she is awesome. Still progressing, still loves
reading the Book of Mormon. We watched the Restoration with her and
her brother this week and they loved it! Score.

We got a phone call from a random number on Thursday night, and it was
an investigator from waaaaaay long ago named Noriko. Think like my
first transfer in Oizumi. She’s Peruvian. She wanted to know if we had
a bible in Japanese, because her Japanese friend wanted to learn about
Christ. We went and gave her a Bible on Friday night, and while we
were there, she asked us to come back and start teaching her again as
well. 🙂 what’s with here former investigators? They’re popping out of
the snow like daisies. (5 yen to anyone who can name that movie)

Our ward miracle was the Toyoshima family. They were baptized about a
year ago, right before I came to Oizumi the first time. We have been
visiting them recently, because we really want them to have the goal
to go to the temple as a family. We visited them this week and had
lunch with them, and then talked about the temple. They accepted the
invitation to prepare to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead
🙂 we set a date with them for July 5th, so we are hoping to see it
through with them until the end.

Goodness I love my mission. When we got our transfer calls this
morning it was President Budge that called us on the phone. When he
was talking to me he said something along the lines of, “Sister
Hunsaker, you will be staying in Oizumi for your last transfer! So
work hard, and see lots of miracles.” I guess it kind of hit me that
this really is my last transfer. What the heck? Where did the time go?
It doesn’t help that this transfer is short, so I’m sure it will go by
even faster than I would like. But, that just means we have to work
that much harder, and see those miracles. A friend of mine wrote an
email awhile ago and kind of compared missions to a song, and you are the conductor. You can chose to end the symphony with a whisper,
slowly dying down until the end, or you can choose to end with a BANG.
Throwing everything you have into it. The kind of bang that leaves you
breathless and the room vibrating from the sound. That’s the kind of
ending I want to have. I refuse to go out with a whisper. This next
transfer I will be doing everything I can, to make sure I go out with
a bang. No regrets, no unfulfilled wishes, no sorrow. A BANG. and
that’s what it will be.

I love you all so much, more than all the rice in Japan ❤️😊🍚
I probably won’t have time to email everyone because of some
technology difficulties, but I should be able to next week. Até na

Amo vocês,

Sister Hunsaker





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