June 9, 2014 Week 72 “Thoughts From The Heart”

Hello everyone!

Transfer 11 has officially begun! We were all a little surprised when
transfer calls came around, and both Sister Cortes and Elder Jacox
left us. That being said, Elder Miranda and Sister Rodriguez are doing
great here in Oizumi. Elder Miranda has a great vision to work with
the members and really get the work moving here in Oizumi. And Sister
Rodriguez isn’t afraid to open her mouth and testify strongly. She’s had a lot of chances to teach this week, and she’s willing to go for it. She doesn’t understand a ton of Portuguese yet, but she’s getting there. I think that the hardest people for her to understand is the members, which is understandable, because a lot of them have super thick accents. But, I know she’ll do great. She’s a little shy, but is
willing to talk when I ask her to do something.

We saw lots of awesome miracles in Oizumi this week. We did housing in
huge rain, and we really saw the blessings from it. We met Marcela,
and Ayline, two young Brazilian girls, and both of them accepted the
invite to hear a lesson, and we were able to set return appointments.
We have seen so much success just in these past 2 days. Sister
Rodriguez was asking me if every day was like this in Oizumi, because
she was having so much fun, being able to actually share the gospel
with people who are willing to listen.

We also were able to teach a way awesome lesson to a potential
investigator named Sandra. We taught her the restoration a few weeks
ago, and left her with a copy of the Book of Mormon. When we went and
saw her this week, she told us she had read some of the Book of
Mormon, and she let us into her home. Her husband was there as well,
and he pulled up a chair at the table, and joined in talking with us.
So… We jumped on that opportunity, and decided to teach them the
Plan of Salvation. It was a way good lesson. The spirit was so strong,
and it really reminded me of Doctrine and Covenants 50:22.

22 Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one
another, and both are edified and rejoice together.

That’s really how our lesson was, we were edified together, and
rejoiced in the Plan that our Heavenly Father has for us. We invited
them to pray together as a family, and to read the Book of Mormon
together as well. They didn’t come to church today, but I’m hoping
they will soon.

These past 2 weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about my mission, and
especially Oizumi. It’s been on my mind a lot lately. Enough to keep
me staring at the ceiling at night, praying a lot, and searching the
scriptures and the prophets words. Trying to receive an answer. I
don’t know if I’m ready to leave Oizumi. Everything tells me that it
will be okay, that there are great missionaries that can come after,
but I’m still worried. Maybe it’s a lack of faith? But it’s still
there in the back of my mind. Extending my mission. I don’t know if
it’s even possible, or if it’s what I need to do, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. All of the logical things are telling me that it’s okay to go home. You guys already have plane tickets and hotel
reservations, I’ve served faithfully thus far in my areas. But my heart isn’t ready to let go. I feel like there are still so many people that need me. I don’t know which one would be a bigger
sacrifice. To stay, or to go. Or which one I need to do. I’m not
saying I’m staying, nothing is for sure. It just made me all realize
how much I love my mission. And I’m starting to feel the pain of it.
It feels like my heart is being ripped in two when I think about
leaving these people. I guess it’s all very personal to me. I just
wanted to let you know how I’m feeling. My mission is a very very big
part of me. It will be hard to let that part go, no matter when I come

Anyways, I talked to mom and dad a lot today, so my time is limited.
But I hope you all know how much I love you. More than all the rice in
Japan. ❤️😊🍚 until next week!

Sister Hunsaker




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