June 15, 2014 Week 73 “Rain, Rain Go Away…”

Konnichiwa minna!

Hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day, I know I did here in
Oizumi. And we had a way awesome week here as well. Here are some of
the things that happened.

We invited Graziela to be baptized after having a way awesome lesson
with her. And she said no. Yeah. I was really sad. Mostly because she
told us that she feels that the gospel really was restored, and that
the Book of Mormon is true, but she loves the Catholic Church, because
it’s the one she grew up with. She can’t separate herself from it. At
least not yet. We’re going to to try and do everything we can to
strengthen her testimony, and hopefully that will give her the
strength needed to make that jump and be baptized.

On Saturday we saw Sandra and Jonas, the couple that we taught the
Plan of Salvation last week. We decided to teach them the restoration
this week, because Sandra needed a refresher, and Jonas hadn’t heard
the lesson before. And it was a really good lesson. I panicked at one
point, because they asked if we believed people that were baptized in
other churches would be saved. But, we handled it pretty well, and
focused in needing the priesthood authority that was restored through
Joseph Smith in order to baptize people. But they really have a desire
to learn more. We’re hoping to jet get me to come to church now.

And… There was other way awesome lessons that we taught, but I don’t
have time to tell you about Ana, and Aylime, and Ainjell. (All As…Funny).

Sunday…. No investigators came to church 😦
But we had a waaaaay awesome miracle. Marisol, a less active that we
have been working with recently, told us that she would try to come to
church after we spoke with her last Sunday. This morning we got a
phone call from an unknown number, and it was Marisol! She told us
that she wanted to come to church, just that she need a ride. So we
called some members, hopped in a car,and went to go get her. And she
came!! And she had an awesome time. She invited us to come over to her
home tonight as well. When we were talking to her after sacrament she
told us that she woke up and felt like she needed to go to church
today. We’re hoping that she keeps coming from now on πŸ™‚ the members
made sure to welcome her back with open arms, so now we just need to
do our part and strengthen her testimony.

Sister Rodriguez is an awesome missionary. I won’t lie, when we first
got transfer calls I was incredibly nervous about having only 5 weeks
to train a new sister, but I feel that she won’t have a problem taking
over Oizumi. She has already helped so much while teaching people, and
she is trying hard to make things happen.

I had to bear my final testimony as a returning missionary this week
at the Kiryu Zone conference, so I had to think about what I’ve
learned on my mission. I think the biggest thing I learned is that
Heavenly Father has a plan for me, and chances are sometimes it’s
going to be different than what I thought/what I want. I guess I’ve
learned that there are no coincidences. That everything I’ve done in
my life a purpose. Studying Spanish, deciding to go on a mission,
everything. I feel like I’ve learned more about how I truly want my
life to be when I’ve given up the things I’ve wanted, and been willing
to trust in the plan that he has for me. And yes, part of that is
being released on my appointed date. I’m sad when I think about how
close it is, but I feel peace that Oizumi is going to be okay. Me, on
the other hand, I’m not so sure. Hahaha. My mission will always be a
part of me. That’s something that won’t change, no matter what happens
in my life.

I love you all so much! But mostly dad, because it’s Father’s Day.
Thanks so much Dad, for everything you’ve done for me, everything you
have helped me with, and for being an example to me. But most of all,
I want to thank you for being a worthy priesthood holder, and always
being ready and willing to help me. I was reading through some old
journal entries, and I found the one from the day I left home in
California. In it, I had written some of the things that you said to
me when you gave me a father’s blessing. They have all come to be a
reality on my mission. And I know that miracles like this only happen
when they are lead and guided by a worthy priesthood holder. I love
you daddy. Can’t wait to see you soon.

And I love all of you too πŸ™‚ more than all the rice in Japan 😊❀️🍚


Sister Hunsaker




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