June 22, 2014 Week 74 “True Identity”

Hey everyone! Another week has gone by…. yada. There’s your Japanese
word for the day. “Yada” is slang. It’s just something you say when
you don’t like what’s happening. It’s basically, no!!!!

It’s so funny that when you’re a first transfer missionary, sometimes
the days can seem to drag on. And then, as a last transfer missionary,
the weeks are flying by all too fast.

On Monday, we had a lesson with Marisol, the less active that came to
church with us last week. It actually went really well. She remembers
everything that the elders have taught her, and I feel that she still
knows it is true. She has a testimony. She just needs to find it
again. And, she’s teaching what she has learned to others as well!
Granted, it’s her cats… But at least now they know how to pray. And
then today we have another lesson with her. Goodness pday has already
been hectic. She called us this morning and said she didn’t have food,
or money… And she already looks like a skeleton. We couldn’t get
ahold of the members, and when we finally got ahold of the bishop for
a nearby ward… He didn’t know what to do. So, we got some food with
the elders and took it to her. I don’t want her to be dependent on the
missionaries for this kind of stuff…. But at the same time I
couldn’t just let her starve. So, we spent money that we had planned
to use to buy new clothes… On groceries for a less active. The life
of a missionary. Haha.

This week we also got to see Linda. She had a really hard weekend, so
we called her and asked if we could stop by for a little bit. She
accepted, we brought cookies, and she really just opened up to us.
Which was good, because she really is trying so hard to learn about
this gospel. She reads the Book of Mormon and prays every single
night. She just works like a mad person, so it’s really hard to meet

We’ve been meeting the Mercado family again as well! I’ve missed CK so
much. It was actually a miracle finding me again, because they have
been living in a different house. But, we’ve started teaching them
again, and they should be coming to church this week. CK is even
sharing the gospel with her friend, Ainjell. She’s been an awesome
member present for us so far.

And… There are so many other miracles and amazing stories that I
wish I could tell you, but I feel like I would just about talk your
ears off 🙂 so, I’ll just tell you about this cute girl named
Esutefany that we found housing. She’s Brazilian, but raised in Japan,
so we teach her in Japanese. This morning we met her for the 3rd time,
and she prayed for us, and has been reading the Book of Mormon. Plus,
she said she would come to church with us this week 🙂 I think she
really could be that miracle person we have been searching for.

We also went on exchanges I’ll just tell you about the exchanges this
week with Kiryu Sisters. I stayed here in Oizumi with Sister
Edwards, and Sister Rodriguez and Sister Kawabataworked in Kiryu.
Sister Edwards is awesome! We had such an awesome time together, and
she was such a good sport to come here and only have lessons in
Portuguese. It’s always a little hard when missionaries come to Oizumi
to do exchanges or splits, because most of the time they have no clue
what’s going on. But all missionaries have this crazy wish of serving
here. I think it’s the allure of the Latin American culture or
something. Speaking of which… my poor companion haha. In Oizumi
everyone is Brazilian. You greet people we a kiss on the cheek and
it’s normal. Unless you’re a sister missionary and obviously not
allowed to kiss men. But average people don’t know that. Yeah. I think
I’ve just accepted it as part of my mission. I still try and avoid it
at all costs, but we went out to dinner with a member family this week
at a restaurant their friend owned, and he kissed all of the girls on
the cheek. My companion laughed it off though, so I’m glad she doesn’t
hate me haha.

So… I may or may not have heard a rumor that Oizumi might lose
sisters next transfer. I don’t know if it’s true…. But if it is, I’m
really hoping that President Budge doesn’t give us on us. It’s taking
every ounce of self control not to call him and say, “NOOOO. What are
you thinking???” We really are seeing success. Yes, Sister Rodriguez doesn’t understand what’s going on sometimes, but she’ll get there. We
have a lot of investigators with a lot of potential. And it would kill
me to have to leave my mission knowing that these people won’t have
someone to teach them. But, I guess in the end, it’s The Lord that
knows best, right?

We had zone meeting this week, and for part of it, we had this really
awesome training about our identities. And something that the zone
leaders said, is that we are all children of God. And because of that,
we have the ability to do God like things. We have the ability to
change peoples lives, and we also have the power to change our own.
That is something I definitely have learned on my mission. It’s
amazing what abilities we come to realize we have when we remember
that we have a divine heritage. I love you all so much! It’s really
really weird to think that I’ll be seeing you soon, but at the same
time it just makes me want to work that much harder, so that I can
have that much more to share with you when we are together again.

I love you more than all the rice in Japan!

Sister Hunsaker

The middle of nowhere, Oizumi.






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